Double-standard dittos…covering for Hillary ‘Benghazi video’ remarks, but not ‘W’ Iraq WMD remarks

For all that the Liberal Media Super PAC is trying to cover for Hillary…

…it’s so much fun to remind them, if they excuse her Benghazi video comments by saying she referred to ‘others’ making the video remarks, not her…

…they sure didn’t want to give George W Bush cover on his Iraq WMD comments.

Because, every time ‘W’ made mention of that back then, he prefaced it by saying “…the UN says…” that Iraq has sarin gas, anthrax, chemical weapons, etc.

Remember all those mainstream media stories that ‘W’ didn’t say it himself, that he was being judged too harshly ‘cuz he was just repeating what the UN said?

Yeah…neither do we…

Surprised? Hillary handled Libyan Prime Minister’s security concerns, but ignored Amb. Stevens’s concerns

So we learn, through newly released emails, that when the Libyan Prime Minister had security concerns in ’11, Hillary jumped right on it, getting him out of Benghazi.

But for our four Americans (Amb. Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith) she couldn’t be bothered to deal with security concerns?

Maybe they should have sent her their request in the Farsi language.

And now, yet another recently discovered email shows she was briefed on global embassy security concerns routinely, and was involved in dealing with them.

And yet the media is dumping on Marco Rubio for going too far in calling her a liar?

Which shows what lengths they’ll go to protect their next Anointed One.

Short answer to the Washington Post question “Is Hillary A Liar on Benghazi?”…


Failed Democrat cities offer little enticement to the GOP

An article bemoaning Detroit and Cleveland education systems tells the sad tale of inner city kids, with over 90% in each district unable to read or do math proficiently.

Cleveland and Detroit have had Democrat mayors for decades.

With cities that shackled by Democrat bureaucrats, what Republican in their right mind would challenge an entrenched status quo bent on thwarting every effort?

‘Cuz if elected, threatened layers of crony bureaucracy will undermine any fixes.

It would be interesting to match city crime statistics to education proficiency. We’re betting cities with the worst education rate have higher crime rates. Any takers?

Message to Detroit and Cleveland residents…you get what you vote for.

Don’t like it? Run for the office yourself. Or move.

2016 GOP candidates should embrace cheap-shot media debate moderators

Predictably, Republican candidates and leadership are ripping CNBC for its snarky debate moderation last night, but that’s the wrong approach for them to take.

Americans have awoken to the Left-leaning media tactics.

’16 GOP candidates: take every opportunity to rip the moderators and their openly Democrat-partisan attack queries, denounce the premise, and make your points.

Beg the Liberal media to attack…


E.G. – Moderator Query: Candidates, what’s your biggest weakness?

Response: Mr. Moderator…My weakness was to believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton actually cared about Americans, until Benghazi proved me wrong.

My platform provides for economic growth, jobs, and national security…and a guarantee that, on my watch, no American will be abandoned to die on a rooftop.

Sorta like that…

Hey, dummies – Cut off NOAA funding until they produce the subpoenaed data

The House of Representatives wants to know why all the data in a Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration study, used to prove global warming, was manipulated.

(Seems satellite data proved no global warming, until numbers were…tweaked.)

NOAA documents were subpoenaed, but that agency refuses to turn the data over.

Funny…you’d think proof supporting global warming would be gladly presented…

Isn’t it about time the House realized they can cut off funding to these…’scientists’?

Boehner’s budget deal leaves Republicans 2 options in 2016: don’t vote, or purge vote

House Speaker Boehner’s budget deal is everything Democrats wanted…

…revealing a valid premise: ‘Who Needs Republicans?’

Republican voters are left literally with 2 options in 2016: turn out a ‘purge-vote’ to unseat every GOP congressman supporting the Democrat big-gov’t agenda…

…or stay home and don’t vote at all.

Sadly, the likelihood of the first option happening is nil; the second option means Democrats win…but based on GOP actions, haven’t the Democrats won already?

The GOP Congress has reneged on every promise they’ve made since 2010.

Rush Limbaugh says now more than ever we must elect a conservative president.

But with this current class of Republicans in Congress, what are the odds they’ll work with a conservative president?

You knew the Iran parliament changed the nuke deal before they accepted it, right?

The Iran parliament did not approve Obama’s deal..they approved their changed version of the deal, and those changes make it even more unacceptable.

  1. Israel has to eliminate its nuclear arsenal;
  2. Iran forbids inspection of any military site;
  3. Iran forbids interviewing any Iranian military personnel;
  4. Iran stonewalls conversion of their Arak heavy-water reactor.

These are just a few of the changes; the ‘revised’ version is still being translated.

But shouldn’t item 1 be enough of a reason to stop this craziness?

…would Democrats be upset if the 1800 slaughtered wild horses were named ‘Cecil’?

Fox News reports wild horses were sold to a Democrat-connected Colorado rancher who then illegally sold them for huge profit to Mexican slaughter-houses for meat.

The rancher is said to be connected to (then) Interior Secretary Salazar. The 1800 horses were bought for $10 each, contractually promised not to be slaughtered.

He admits violating the contract, and made appx $128,000 by doing so. (Oh, did we mention there’s a congressional ban against slaughtering horses for meat?)

But, no surprise, the Democrat ‘wheel of Justice’ doesn’t seem to grind slowly…as a matter of fact, it ground to a halt…because the rancher won’t be charged.

Kill 1 lion in Africa, the Left goes wild. Kill 1800 wild horses in America…silence.

For real Americans, the horse symbolizes How The West Was Won…

…for Democrats, they’re merely taco filler.