Shinseki resignation distraction…you can bet he was ordered to ignore VA top priority; ie, veteran healthcare

Shinseki resigning for a VA scandal is like Obama taking credit for destroying al-Qaeda.

Neither of them did what was necessary…

…and neither the VA scandal nor al-Qaeda are going away.

Woke up this morning…the VA scandal and al-Qaeda are both still there.

But, unlike his false claims about al-Qaeda, Obama IS responsible for the VA scandal.

First, think about this: Eric Shinseki was a 4-star Army General. His entire adult life was about following orders from his superiors; ultimately, from his commander-in-chief.

Is there any belief he disobeyed orders from Obama while serving as the VA secretary? Of all Obama’s appointees, General Shinseki was the most likely to follow orders to a ‘t’.

With over 40 years military service, he would have been appalled by the mistreatment of our American veterans in the VA system, and would’ve done something if he could.

He had full authority as Obama’s VA secretary, in charge of Veterans Affairs since ’09.

But you can bet, as the military man Shinseki was, he followed orders meticulously…

…orders given him by his boss…Barack H. Obama.

On the battlefield, linear logic tells a general that his soldiers, responsible for personal appearance and equipment upkeep, must give 1st priority to their weapons…

…not spit-shined shoes or combed hair.

Similarly, linear logic tells him top priority in a VA system must be veterans’ health care; no amount of mindless blather about less important issues can hide that truth.

Doesn’t the media find it at all odd that the VA’s top priority – the health and well-being of veterans – was not receiving the attention it deserved from its Secretary?

Just 2 weeks ago, Shinseki claimed ignorance of a 2010 VA memo sent by his under-Secretary to VA regional directors…warning against use of deceptive, deadly patient scheduling practices…and calling for ‘immediate action’ to correct those deceptions.

Plus, from Obama on down, during speeches and Congressional hearings, all spoke of addressing VA education, job training, homelessness, implying equal importance… bragging about their achievements in these areas, while dodging healthcare questions.


Dying homeless vets don’t care about being homeless; dying jobless vets don’t dwell on being jobless; and dying uneducated vets don’t worry about what they don’t know…

…they care that they’re dying! All else is simply a distraction.

Now, Obama and his media lapdogs would have us believe a retired 4-star general, with 40+ years military experience, would not focus on this most pressing VA issue?

Ridiculous – unless he was ordered not to focus on it. Lest we forget, in 2009 Obama and his Democrat Congress minions were praising the VA system, to push Obamacare.

Shinseki’s resignation is a distraction. The most pressing question remains…

…what were his orders, from his boss…

…Barack ‘veteran-care-is-a-sacred-trust’ Obama?

(As for those who wish to – ONCE AGAIN – push the blame onto George W. Bush…

…it would be wise to remind them that Obama’s transition team was warned, after the 2008 elections, of purposely inaccurate VA waiting times and VA scheduling failures…

…and Congress, responsible for VA oversight, was Democrat-controlled as of 2007;  five Inspector General audits, identifying abuses, were given them through 2010.)

For that matter, put Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi right up there with Obama…

Reid (Senate Majority Leader) and Pelosi (then Speaker of the House) controlled the Congress (thus, VA oversight); Obama had the White House…yet nothing was done?

Now they let Shinseki take the blame, meaning a 4-star general ignored a Top Priority?

Are we to believe a 4-star general to be that stupid when it comes to VA priorities…or…

…was Shinseki ordered to keep his eye OFF the ball?

UPDATE: America’s Veterans…just another Democrat beanbag

Are Americans okay with our veterans dying for lack of care, while tax dollars fund medical professionals in the VA to perform non-medical union business instead?

Federal employee unions have been doing this for years, Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner reminds BlueCollar…they did a series on it in February.

For BCP, it takes on a different perspective when veterans die because of VA neglect.

As a Marine who served in Vietnam, it’s infuriating to see how callous Democrats, this Administration…and the mainstream media…are, to the plight of veterans who stood up for an America that now won’t stand up for them.

Obama and his team hid bad news of VA (criminal) neglect for 5 years, to push O’care.

They did nothing. Repeat: they did nothing about it.

They kept VA abuses hidden for a political purpose of pushing Obamacare on America.

Now, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refuse to bring House VA reform bills to a vote.

Repeat: Senate Democrats refuse to bring VA reform bills to the floor for a vote.

‘Politics ain’t beanbag’…

…but, the way Democrats treat them…it sure looks like America’s veterans are.

Can the Koch Brothers help Veterans find one honest person in the VA?

There has to be one honest VA executive sickened by this swamp of evil.

That’s what it will take to rip open this VA malfeasance…an honest exec in the VA.

Problem is, the government higher-ups will squash anyone threatening them. So, any honest (but scared) high-echelon exec in the VA has one burning scary thought:

‘Discretion is the better part of valor’

Step forward, reveal the co-conspirators in high places, and you’re torn to shreds.

Time for the Koch Borthers to put their money to good use – fund a Wanted poster, that rewards the right person (with the right ‘smoking gun’ information) to come forward.

With the right incentives, and solid protection, someone should come forward.

Plus, it gives Charles and David Koch a chance to thumb Harry Reid in the eye.

$13.77mn spent paying VA medical staff to work union matters and NOT treat veterans?

National Review reports VA medical workers were paid millions not to work on veterans.

$13.77 million in 2012…paid to healthcare professionals…for fulltime union business?

We understand administrative duties of medical facilities must be accomplished daily… paperwork has its price, and medical records of veterans need constant updating…

…but we don’t accept that union business should come before veteran treatment.

Tuesday, BCP noted $396,000 was paid for VA appointment scheduling software, that was meant to correct many of the (fatal) problems endemic in this VA medical system.

That’s 1/35th of what is paid VA medical professionals every year…physical therapists, nurses, technicians, etc…to NOT treat the veterans in those VA medical facilities.

Union political donations disproportionately favor Democrats…

…and, now, veterans are paying that price with their lives.

The pro-union bumper sticker reads: ‘Live Better, Work Union’

For veterans, the bumper sticker reads: ‘We Die Faster, When They Work Union’

Rats + Sinking Ship = the Election-Year ‘Potomac Two-Step’

From IRS intimidation tactics to Obamacare lies and failures, from abandoning our own on Benghazi rooftops to killing veterans here in America through VA malfeasance…

…Democrats up for re-election this November are doing their pre-election shuffle.

Senator Pryor (d-AR) suddenly signs on as co-sponsor of a VA accountability bill…

Senator Udall (d-CO) suddenly calls for VA secretary Shinseki to resign…

Expect similar election-year tap-dancing from vulnerable Senators Landrieu (d-LA), Begich (d-AK), and Hagan (d-NC)…all nervous over Democrat failure and scandals.

If the VA scandal widens, Franken (d-MN) and Shaheen (d-NH) will join in as well.

Because: Election year = accountability posturing

The problem is, posturing quite often works. Many in the electorate don’t realize that a ‘maverick’ posture back home doesn’t matter, if they ‘Party-lockstep’ back in DC.

You can call Obama ‘detached’, or Reid ‘wrongheaded’, and still vote the Party line.

Which is what they always do when they go back to DC.

That’s why it’s called a two-step…

…pre-election they step away, to appear maverick…after re-election, they step back.

Has this VA scandal been a cover-up since 2009?

Obama and his lackeys were warned of problems at the VA when he was elected.

Yet Obama and his Democrat cohort pressed ahead with Obamacare, and actually showcased the VA system as proof that government-run healthcare worked fine.

Even though they knew of the problems in the Veterans Health Administration!

Which means they had to cover up what ultimately became fatal malfeasance in a  government-run medical system for veterans that reeked of fraudulent activities.

Watergate was a 3rd rate burglary, covered up by a sitting president. The Washington Post and New York Times were relentless in their pursuit of that truth…

…where are they now?

Every news outlet should be asking:

What did they know, and when did they know it?

LOST…in Phoenix… Obama was warned, but veterans are SCORNED

“1,700 vets not on official wait list at Phoenix VA facility, preliminary report finds”

And the Inspector General finds the ’24-day’ avg wait time the Phoenix VA reported is really…115 days, confirming that “…wait time schemes and data manipulation are systemic throughout VA and are putting veterans at risk.”

But Obama, who sees treatment of vets as ‘a sacred trust’, is waiting for a final report.

Over 40 VA treatment centers are suspected of ‘systemic’ schemes. Any bets that those schemes are identical, from location to location? Which means…coordinated!

But Obama, waiting for a ‘final’ report, does nothing, while spewing platitudes.

How many more vets will die, before he decides ‘not to stand for’ what he has stood for, since being told of the systemic fraudulent wait-time lists in 2008, after he was elected?

Obama was warned…but veterans were scorned!

Every veteran death caused by VA malfeasance, since his swearing in, is on his head.

And his Democrat lapdogs in Congress share in blame. They controlled both houses of Congress 4 years through 2010 – but no oversight or relief was provided for veterans.

The GOP took back the House in 2010, and since 2011 have passed a dozen reform bills which – even now – Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid blocks from a vote.

From Benghazi rooftops to America’s VA hospital beds…

…veterans are dying from Democrat incompetence and neglect. Even worse…

…whether from incompetence, willful neglect, or deliberate malfeasance…

…Obama, Shinseki, and every VA administrator involved are guilty of manslaughter.

Where’s the U.S. Attorney General when you need him?

Why are city rat epidemics being subsidized by your tax dollars?

NY City has a rat problem. Truth be told, most cities do. And have, for a long time.

They carry disease, cause endless destruction of personal property…they’re disgusting.

With the usual politician verve for spending tax dollars, useless solutions abound, which adds to crazy, since rat problems have been subsidized by your tax dollars for decades.

That’s right…your town leaders have been contributing to the problem with our taxes.

So, ironically, every locale in America has a solution at their fingertips that won’t cost taxpayers a dime…and will actually save taxpayers costs they’re already incurring!

(And, the simple solution will warm your heart.)

Message to your town’s leaders: cats kill rats.


Annually, millions of cats are first sheltered, then euthanized, funded by your tax dollars. Why not just leave them free to roam rat-infested areas, to dine on the city’s problem?

Face it – they’re a lot more preferable loose in your neighborhood than rats. What would you rather see roaming your area…feral cats, or disease-ridden (and destructive) rats?

And it will save tax dollars used to capture, shelter, and euthanize cats every year.

It’s a solution provided by Mother Nature: cats kill (and eat) rats.

Save a cat…to kill a rat.

Told you it would warm your heart – now go tell a town ‘leader’.