Shinseki resignation distraction…you can bet he was ordered to ignore VA top priority; ie, veteran healthcare

Shinseki resigning for a VA scandal is like Obama taking credit for destroying al-Qaeda.

Neither of them did what was necessary…

…and neither the VA scandal nor al-Qaeda are going away.

Woke up this morning…the VA scandal and al-Qaeda are both still there.

But, unlike his false claims about al-Qaeda, Obama IS responsible for the VA scandal.

First, think about this: Eric Shinseki was a 4-star Army General. His entire adult life was about following orders from his superiors; ultimately, from his commander-in-chief.

Is there any belief he disobeyed orders from Obama while serving as the VA secretary? Of all Obama’s appointees, General Shinseki was the most likely to follow orders to a ‘t’.

With over 40 years military service, he would have been appalled by the mistreatment of our American veterans in the VA system, and would’ve done something if he could.

He had full authority as Obama’s VA secretary, in charge of Veterans Affairs since ’09.

But you can bet, as the military man Shinseki was, he followed orders meticulously…

…orders given him by his boss…Barack H. Obama.

On the battlefield, linear logic tells a general that his soldiers, responsible for personal appearance and equipment upkeep, must give 1st priority to their weapons…

…not spit-shined shoes or combed hair.

Similarly, linear logic tells him top priority in a VA system must be veterans’ health care; no amount of mindless blather about less important issues can hide that truth.

Doesn’t the media find it at all odd that the VA’s top priority – the health and well-being of veterans – was not receiving the attention it deserved from its Secretary?

Just 2 weeks ago, Shinseki claimed ignorance of a 2010 VA memo sent by his under-Secretary to VA regional directors…warning against use of deceptive, deadly patient scheduling practices…and calling for ‘immediate action’ to correct those deceptions.

Plus, from Obama on down, during speeches and Congressional hearings, all spoke of addressing VA education, job training, homelessness, implying equal importance… bragging about their achievements in these areas, while dodging healthcare questions.


Dying homeless vets don’t care about being homeless; dying jobless vets don’t dwell on being jobless; and dying uneducated vets don’t worry about what they don’t know…

…they care that they’re dying! All else is simply a distraction.

Now, Obama and his media lapdogs would have us believe a retired 4-star general, with 40+ years military experience, would not focus on this most pressing VA issue?

Ridiculous – unless he was ordered not to focus on it. Lest we forget, in 2009 Obama and his Democrat Congress minions were praising the VA system, to push Obamacare.

Shinseki’s resignation is a distraction. The most pressing question remains…

…what were his orders, from his boss…

…Barack ‘veteran-care-is-a-sacred-trust’ Obama?

(As for those who wish to – ONCE AGAIN – push the blame onto George W. Bush…

…it would be wise to remind them that Obama’s transition team was warned, after the 2008 elections, of purposely inaccurate VA waiting times and VA scheduling failures…

…and Congress, responsible for VA oversight, was Democrat-controlled as of 2007;  five Inspector General audits, identifying abuses, were given them through 2010.)

For that matter, put Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi right up there with Obama…

Reid (Senate Majority Leader) and Pelosi (then Speaker of the House) controlled the Congress (thus, VA oversight); Obama had the White House…yet nothing was done?

Now they let Shinseki take the blame, meaning a 4-star general ignored a Top Priority?

Are we to believe a 4-star general to be that stupid when it comes to VA priorities…or…

…was Shinseki ordered to keep his eye OFF the ball?

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