Can the Koch Brothers help Veterans find one honest person in the VA?

There has to be one honest VA executive sickened by this swamp of evil.

That’s what it will take to rip open this VA malfeasance…an honest exec in the VA.

Problem is, the government higher-ups will squash anyone threatening them. So, any honest (but scared) high-echelon exec in the VA has one burning scary thought:

‘Discretion is the better part of valor’

Step forward, reveal the co-conspirators in high places, and you’re torn to shreds.

Time for the Koch Borthers to put their money to good use – fund a Wanted poster, that rewards the right person (with the right ‘smoking gun’ information) to come forward.

With the right incentives, and solid protection, someone should come forward.

Plus, it gives Charles and David Koch a chance to thumb Harry Reid in the eye.

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