$13.77mn spent paying VA medical staff to work union matters and NOT treat veterans?

National Review reports VA medical workers were paid millions not to work on veterans.

$13.77 million in 2012…paid to healthcare professionals…for fulltime union business?

We understand administrative duties of medical facilities must be accomplished daily… paperwork has its price, and medical records of veterans need constant updating…

…but we don’t accept that union business should come before veteran treatment.

Tuesday, BCP noted $396,000 was paid for VA appointment scheduling software, that was meant to correct many of the (fatal) problems endemic in this VA medical system.

That’s 1/35th of what is paid VA medical professionals every year…physical therapists, nurses, technicians, etc…to NOT treat the veterans in those VA medical facilities.

Union political donations disproportionately favor Democrats…

…and, now, veterans are paying that price with their lives.

The pro-union bumper sticker reads: ‘Live Better, Work Union’

For veterans, the bumper sticker reads: ‘We Die Faster, When They Work Union’

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