Rats + Sinking Ship = the Election-Year ‘Potomac Two-Step’

From IRS intimidation tactics to Obamacare lies and failures, from abandoning our own on Benghazi rooftops to killing veterans here in America through VA malfeasance…

…Democrats up for re-election this November are doing their pre-election shuffle.

Senator Pryor (d-AR) suddenly signs on as co-sponsor of a VA accountability bill…

Senator Udall (d-CO) suddenly calls for VA secretary Shinseki to resign…

Expect similar election-year tap-dancing from vulnerable Senators Landrieu (d-LA), Begich (d-AK), and Hagan (d-NC)…all nervous over Democrat failure and scandals.

If the VA scandal widens, Franken (d-MN) and Shaheen (d-NH) will join in as well.

Because: Election year = accountability posturing

The problem is, posturing quite often works. Many in the electorate don’t realize that a ‘maverick’ posture back home doesn’t matter, if they ‘Party-lockstep’ back in DC.

You can call Obama ‘detached’, or Reid ‘wrongheaded’, and still vote the Party line.

Which is what they always do when they go back to DC.

That’s why it’s called a two-step…

…pre-election they step away, to appear maverick…after re-election, they step back.

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