UPDATE: America’s Veterans…just another Democrat beanbag

Are Americans okay with our veterans dying for lack of care, while tax dollars fund medical professionals in the VA to perform non-medical union business instead?

Federal employee unions have been doing this for years, Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner reminds BlueCollar…they did a series on it in February.

For BCP, it takes on a different perspective when veterans die because of VA neglect.

As a Marine who served in Vietnam, it’s infuriating to see how callous Democrats, this Administration…and the mainstream media…are, to the plight of veterans who stood up for an America that now won’t stand up for them.

Obama and his team hid bad news of VA (criminal) neglect for 5 years, to push O’care.

They did nothing. Repeat: they did nothing about it.

They kept VA abuses hidden for a political purpose of pushing Obamacare on America.

Now, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refuse to bring House VA reform bills to a vote.

Repeat: Senate Democrats refuse to bring VA reform bills to the floor for a vote.

‘Politics ain’t beanbag’…

…but, the way Democrats treat them…it sure looks like America’s veterans are.

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