No Martha, here’s why terrorists are not criminals

Martha F jumped on our latest blog, defending why terrorists must be Mirandized…

‘Terrorists are people too’…? ‘Terrorism is better handled on a criminal level’?

To the best of our knowledge, there’s no world-wide group planning 7-11 robberies.

But there is a world-wide terror effort targeting the West, and any ally of Israel.

The low-level would-be terrorist goes to these organizations for the training needed to learn how to evade detection, scout potential targets, and make detonation devices, etc.

While going through training they meet others, and quite often hear or see what may be considered to be inconsequential or unrelated details that could be important later on.

Case in point: it appears that an interrogation just after 9/11 yielded a pseudonym of a favored Usama bin-Laden courier, and 10 years later that led to finding and killing UbL.

It took years of additional questioning of other terror detainees, building a database of details often thought unrelated, that, when combined, finally formed actionable intel.

No argument the Left can voice addresses that critical, inconvenient fact.

Mirandizing such evildoers, giving them opportunity to ‘lawyer-up’ and remain silent, results in a much more serious problem than losing a carton of cigarettes at 7-11.

And unless you never drive over bridges or through a city, fly in planes, travel by train…

…you might want to rethink your ‘terrorists are people too’ philosophy…

Finally, consider this…’7-11′ criminals want to stay alive to enjoy their stolen booty…

…Islamist terrorists are dying to take you and your loved ones with them!


Guaranteeing a Lone Wolf narrative…one Mirandized terror bomber at a time

Our U.S. Dept. of Terror-Defenders Justice…strikes a blow for al-Qaida, thus making damn sure Obama’s ‘Lone Wolf’ concept of terror acts can be perpetuated.

(After all, can’t blame the administration for ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks, right?)

10 days ago we noted that the Justice Dept. had become a haven for terror-defending attorneys, and pondered the odds of how aggressively they would fight terror.

Now you know. Barely 16 hours into the interrogation of the Boston bombing suspect, a Federal judge and a representative of the Attorney General shut down the process.

Barging in, they rushed to Mirandize Tsarnaev, who immediately stopped talking.

For those who rush to say ‘terrorists have rights too’, remember that, the next time a terror attack on U.S. soil succeeds…because Mirandizing killed any hope to find links.

It can’t be stressed enough…even these low-level terrorists have information, and very often they’re not aware of what crucial details they may have. Interrogation is vital.

Mirandizing is SUICIDE


Very few things in Life are certain…

Without debating the issue of abortion…

We doubt if a Judeo-Christian God would bestow His blessings on its providers.

For Obama to see it otherwise says all that’s needed to know about his views on killing the unborn, and his belief that a Supreme Being would bless that act as a ‘choice’.

The Aborter-in-Chief spoke at abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s annual ‘gala’ Friday morning, and ended with “Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

Planned Parenthood released its annual report in January, bragging about the grisly fact that – with 334,000 abortions in the 2010/2011 year – a new record had been set.

“Thank you…”? “God bless you”?

Again…without debating the issue of abortion…

…God may have plans for abortion providers

…we doubt ‘Blessing’ will be one of them.

(Of course…it’s possible Obama meant to say ‘Allah’…)

Liberals miss the point…again

Columnist Judith Miller blames low budgeting and undermanned law enforcement as the reason for the failure of Boston to prevent the Marathon terror bombings.

In her comparison of Boston to New York City, she cites 35,000 uniformed officers vs 2,000 in Boston, and how resources are budgeted in NYC to fight terrorism.

Bottom line – spend more taxpayer dollars, hire more police, install more cameras.

But to arrive at that implied conclusion, she ignores several key facts…

  • New York City has an 8.25 million population, vs Boston’s 625,000;
  • New York City is 468 square miles, vs Boston’s 89.6 sq miles;
  • New York City is the center of the U.S. financial district, and as such demands a much higher level of security in concentrated areas; and,
  • New York City has the dubious distinction over several decades of being a high value target for the world’s Islamist crazies. Boston is, well, Boston.

(So Boston has 1 officer per 312 citizens, NYC has 1 per 235…but New York’s size, its U.S. financial-center- and high-value-terror-target-status, arguably skews the equation.)

With those inconvenient facts being glaringly obvious, it might occur to someone that maybe – just maybe – it’s not a lack of resources, but a failure of prioritizing their use.

With one of the higher tax bases in the country, Bostonians might be shocked to learn that some Liberal elitists think it’s their fault…they aren’t paying government enough.

But then, it is Boston…

…surely in such a bastion of Liberal-think, they’re happy to pony up more?

After all, we wouldn’t want to blame the government…

Exploitation for me, but not for thee…

Monday Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy warned colleagues not to use the Boston terror bombing as a means to derail or obstruct Senate talks on immigration reform.

That same day, the DNC was using Boston terror bombings to get email addresses.

Because, you know, Democrats just want to thank people…it’s not for fundraising.

Whoops…but then Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren gets into the act Tuesday evening…

…yup…it is about fundraising! Who woulda guessed…?

You can’t make this stuff up.

The ‘new normal’ on Planet Biden…

Tuesday night VP Joe Biden told a roomful of people at the annual Time event that “…if the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston…”

Other than the fact that Bostonians were ordered by their government leaders to ‘shelter in place’, planes-trains-taxis-subway transportation was shut down…he was…close.

But then he’s “just Joe”.

Maybe he knows shelter-in-place is a new norm…we just haven’t seen that memo yet.

Missing the point on Pressure Cooker Politics…

A reader emailed, asking if we were ‘blaming the Boston bombings on sequestration’.


Our point was that destroying the fabric of our society for political gain – hurting millions of Americans in the process – can be even more devastating than a Boston bombing

The opening paragraphs stated that, while trying to score some cheap political points against Republicans, Democrats deliberately force sequestration pain on America.

The paragraph 3 link led to a Wall Street Journal article detailing just that – how the Obama administration is unnecessarily hurting basic air traffic control services.

Obama and Democrats are relying on their lap dog media to push a false narrative that sequestration is a Republican plan, and the pain it causes is all the fault of the GOP.

Fact: it’s Obama’s sequestration plan…but fact rarely gets in the way of political thugs.

And so, when thousands of businesses and millions of jobs are needlessly harmed or destroyed by intentional acts of indiscriminate violence against the American economy, our point in that article was to ask why a collective National outrage wasn’t forthcoming?

Emphasis on ‘needlessly’.

When sequestration cuts are deliberately chosen for their potential to needlessly inflict pain on Americans, there’s no other name for it…political terrorism.

What would you call disrupting and destroying the fabric of our society for political gain?

Pressure cooker politics…

What does it say about our elected ‘leaders’, that they choose to harm Americans to score cheap political points, when they could do the right thing and protect citizens?

What of an elected ‘leader’ who introduced the idea of sequestration, forced it through Congress, then refused to do what’s right to protect Americans from unnecessary economic and physical harm (by ensuring only non-essential services were affected)?

Obama was offered a precision ‘scalpel’ power to lessen impacts of his sequestration, yet once more chooses a ‘meat-ax’ approach, forcing wholesale pain on Americans.

And Democrat politicians and their media lapdogs seem okay with that choice.

To choose hurting Americans to score political points reveals them for what they are.

We were outraged to see Islamic radicals again visit indiscriminate terror on American citizens, this time in Boston, killing several and grievously wounding hundreds more.

Where’s the outrage against an indiscriminate assault against our economy, grievously wounding thousands of businesses and ripping millions from their jobs…unnecessarily?

Do they care about the damage they do to our businesses, and American families? No.

Is electing Democrats that important? It would appear the answer is…’yes’.

How is shredding the fabric of our society, to justify a political ideology, any different from shredding body parts of a few hundred to justify a religious ideology?


Testing immigration-reform credibility

Immigration reform?

Add a requirement to any reform that illegal immigrants undergoing legalization cannot vote in National elections, and only state elections…as each state allows.

States restrict voting rights now, for law-breakers. Illegal immigrants are law-breakers; so, let each state handle that group’s voting rights accordingly.

Then, we’ll see who wants reform…and who merely exploits that issue politically.

Reader concerned of infringement on 4th amendment rights

A reader expressed his concern over our BCP post asking why so many men with large backpacks were roaming through Marathon crowds, without having the bags searched.

Citing the 4th Amendment, he fears searching backpacks further infringes our rights.

Our point is the Boston Marathon is no different than a major league ball game, in that we all know if we take a bag of any kind to the stadium, it will be searched prior to entry.

The Marathon took place on a public street instead of in a stadium, but for that event the public street has (for the moment) been transformed…and security precautions should prevail accordingly – at least in high density population areas like the finish line.

And let’s not forget the wording of the 4th Amendment:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Post 9/11, would it not be ‘reasonable’ to expect the same level of security precautions at such an ‘outside’ event as occurs at an NFL game inside a stadium?

And, didn’t 8-year old Martin Richard’s 4th Amendment right ‘…to be secure in (his) person…’ justify that someone else’s bag be searched?

One point we (evidently) failed to make effectively: wouldn’t a high-security level that included use of hand-held radiation detectors have also included the very basic act of searching specific items (bags, backpacks) that could carry and disguise a bomb?

Failing to do so created the environment a terrorist needed to succeed.

Isn’t a bag search at such events justified? We understand and share concerns over any government intrusion into our lives, but the terror act in Boston begs the question.

And, since such public sporting venues will no doubt continue, a more pressing issue needs to be addressed…

Apologizing for our lack of political correctness, the question remains – given the large volume of ‘Middle-East-appearing’ men seen carrying backpacks during the Marathon…

…was that phenomenon being used as a diversionary or ‘dry-run’ tactic?

Or, are we just looking under rocks…?