No Martha, here’s why terrorists are not criminals

Martha F jumped on our latest blog, defending why terrorists must be Mirandized…

‘Terrorists are people too’…? ‘Terrorism is better handled on a criminal level’?

To the best of our knowledge, there’s no world-wide group planning 7-11 robberies.

But there is a world-wide terror effort targeting the West, and any ally of Israel.

The low-level would-be terrorist goes to these organizations for the training needed to learn how to evade detection, scout potential targets, and make detonation devices, etc.

While going through training they meet others, and quite often hear or see what may be considered to be inconsequential or unrelated details that could be important later on.

Case in point: it appears that an interrogation just after 9/11 yielded a pseudonym of a favored Usama bin-Laden courier, and 10 years later that led to finding and killing UbL.

It took years of additional questioning of other terror detainees, building a database of details often thought unrelated, that, when combined, finally formed actionable intel.

No argument the Left can voice addresses that critical, inconvenient fact.

Mirandizing such evildoers, giving them opportunity to ‘lawyer-up’ and remain silent, results in a much more serious problem than losing a carton of cigarettes at 7-11.

And unless you never drive over bridges or through a city, fly in planes, travel by train…

…you might want to rethink your ‘terrorists are people too’ philosophy…

Finally, consider this…’7-11′ criminals want to stay alive to enjoy their stolen booty…

…Islamist terrorists are dying to take you and your loved ones with them!


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