Guaranteeing a Lone Wolf narrative…one Mirandized terror bomber at a time

Our U.S. Dept. of Terror-Defenders Justice…strikes a blow for al-Qaida, thus making damn sure Obama’s ‘Lone Wolf’ concept of terror acts can be perpetuated.

(After all, can’t blame the administration for ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks, right?)

10 days ago we noted that the Justice Dept. had become a haven for terror-defending attorneys, and pondered the odds of how aggressively they would fight terror.

Now you know. Barely 16 hours into the interrogation of the Boston bombing suspect, a Federal judge and a representative of the Attorney General shut down the process.

Barging in, they rushed to Mirandize Tsarnaev, who immediately stopped talking.

For those who rush to say ‘terrorists have rights too’, remember that, the next time a terror attack on U.S. soil succeeds…because Mirandizing killed any hope to find links.

It can’t be stressed enough…even these low-level terrorists have information, and very often they’re not aware of what crucial details they may have. Interrogation is vital.

Mirandizing is SUICIDE


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