Why so many oversize backpacks seen being carried at Boston Marathon…?

Is this over the top, or another ‘dot’ to add to the connect-the-dot process…?

From all the videos being shown, has anyone else wondered why so many Middle-Eastern appearing men were carrying large backpacks at the Boston Marathon?

We’ve heard of ‘trial runs’ conducted by Islamists on public transportation systems over the years since Sept 11, 2001…which, after Monday’s bombing, begs the question.

It’s odd that security personnel were observed – and imagery shows – carrying handheld radiation detectors, yet many spectators were allowed to carry large backpacks…

…without incurring the curiosity of said security personnel?

Radiation detectors imply ‘dirty bomb’. If that type of security is now standard for large events such as the Marathon, wouldn’t it follow that large bag checks are necessary?

We’re not expert in such matters, but don’t believe dirty bombs are pocket-size…

And, anyone who’s seen The Thomas Crown Affair understands the diversionary method of scores of bowler-hat men carrying look-alike briefcases…

Just asking.

2 thoughts on “Why so many oversize backpacks seen being carried at Boston Marathon…?

  1. I’ve come to the realization that know matter how skilled our security, these assholes will always be one step ahead of us. When I was young, did we (and I mean the collective “we”) look twice at an abandoned backpack or briefcase? No. We took it to lost and found without a thought that whomever picked it up could be blown away. This is what our country has come to. Afraid of lost luggage, a child that left a lunch box behind, or a middle easterner with a cell phone and a laptop. These simple these terrify the shit out of now because of HATE. Also, a lot of it comes from religion. Nowhere in the Koran does it say blowing up Americans gets you to paradise. These people are sick in the head. Unfortunately, if I was president or had any power at all, I’d find a way to clear them from the map. Men, woman, children. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. They torture their own and think its ok. GET THE FUCK RID OF THEM.

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