Missing the point on Pressure Cooker Politics…

A reader emailed, asking if we were ‘blaming the Boston bombings on sequestration’.


Our point was that destroying the fabric of our society for political gain – hurting millions of Americans in the process – can be even more devastating than a Boston bombing

The opening paragraphs stated that, while trying to score some cheap political points against Republicans, Democrats deliberately force sequestration pain on America.

The paragraph 3 link led to a Wall Street Journal article detailing just that – how the Obama administration is unnecessarily hurting basic air traffic control services.

Obama and Democrats are relying on their lap dog media to push a false narrative that sequestration is a Republican plan, and the pain it causes is all the fault of the GOP.

Fact: it’s Obama’s sequestration plan…but fact rarely gets in the way of political thugs.

And so, when thousands of businesses and millions of jobs are needlessly harmed or destroyed by intentional acts of indiscriminate violence against the American economy, our point in that article was to ask why a collective National outrage wasn’t forthcoming?

Emphasis on ‘needlessly’.

When sequestration cuts are deliberately chosen for their potential to needlessly inflict pain on Americans, there’s no other name for it…political terrorism.

What would you call disrupting and destroying the fabric of our society for political gain?

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