Pressure cooker politics…

What does it say about our elected ‘leaders’, that they choose to harm Americans to score cheap political points, when they could do the right thing and protect citizens?

What of an elected ‘leader’ who introduced the idea of sequestration, forced it through Congress, then refused to do what’s right to protect Americans from unnecessary economic and physical harm (by ensuring only non-essential services were affected)?

Obama was offered a precision ‘scalpel’ power to lessen impacts of his sequestration, yet once more chooses a ‘meat-ax’ approach, forcing wholesale pain on Americans.

And Democrat politicians and their media lapdogs seem okay with that choice.

To choose hurting Americans to score political points reveals them for what they are.

We were outraged to see Islamic radicals again visit indiscriminate terror on American citizens, this time in Boston, killing several and grievously wounding hundreds more.

Where’s the outrage against an indiscriminate assault against our economy, grievously wounding thousands of businesses and ripping millions from their jobs…unnecessarily?

Do they care about the damage they do to our businesses, and American families? No.

Is electing Democrats that important? It would appear the answer is…’yes’.

How is shredding the fabric of our society, to justify a political ideology, any different from shredding body parts of a few hundred to justify a religious ideology?


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