Riot first…ignore facts later…?

As Baltimore burns, and race-baiters rage, word is Freddie Gray injured himself.

How another prisoner transported in a separate compartment and unable to see him could make such a statement as fact is a matter worthy of debate.

No worries though…Gray’s death was all rioters needed to get into rampage mode.

And the larger picture is, like their President, rioters never waste a good crisis…

…even if one has to be manufactured.

As noted in our Dec blog, rioters expect the same free pass their President gets.

Coming soon, to a Liberal city near you…?

…or are Republicans paving the way for the Supreme Court to strike down illegal subsidies?

There’s conservative concern over GOP efforts to set up alternative assistance scenarios if the Supreme Court rules that illegal Obamacare subsidies must stop.

The unlawful subsidies are being paid out in states that did not set up exchanges. Obamacare as written mandates subsidies only for those in states that set them up.

(As its architect Gruber noted, it was written to coerce states, but when dozens of them opted not to do so, Obama’s minions decided to pay out subsidies anyway.)

Striking down unlawful subsidies would adversely affect millions of Americans, so those conservative voices in angst over GOP plans should enhance their calm.

News of GOP efforts may be meant to ease the conscience of any Supremes who know subsidies are illegal, but are concerned over the impact of ruling that way.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time SCOTUS ruled based on a tug of heart-strings. And several of the more liberal Justices can be swayed by planted sob stories.

So, GOP efforts to offset its impact on citizens allows the Court to rule properly.

In typical Democrat fashion, Americans are being used as hostages to embed this travesty of a law into our system. Expect more sob stories as a ruling draws near.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that calming the strained heart-strings of Supreme Court Justices is what Republicans plan by offering humane alternatives.

(They haven’t been that smart in the past, but, hey…we choose to be optimistic.)

Americans have never wanted Obamacare, and those citizens stuck in the subsidy cross-hairs deserve assistance – they didn’t volunteer to be hostage to its law.

Republicans hold Congress, and promised to make it right.

Voters can and should hold them to that promise.

And, every election, Americans should be reminded of Democrat hostage-taking.

As they held Congress how much $$ did Democrats & Obama send Baltimore?

As Baltimore burns, the ‘Whiner-in-Chief’ says the rioters must blame Republicans.

After all, you see, those naughty Republicans are blocking all the money he could be sending to such Democrat-controlled blighted urban areas as Baltimore.

Anybody recall Democrats controlled Congress 2 years before Obama was elected? And, controlled Congress and the White House for 2 years after he was elected?

Anyone remember the $900 billion stimulus? What, they stuffed the wrong pockets?

How much help did Obama-&-Co send to the Democrat slums then?

Be it local, regional, statewide, or geographic segment, when Democrat policies fail its citizens, somewhere up the foodchain there’s a Republican bogeyman to blame.

But when the Congress and the White House is Democrat controlled, the best they can hope for is to blame the last GOP guy…or wait for the next one to come along.

And, of course, expect the media to cover for them during the process.

Ultimately, it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to use tax dollars to cover up or repair the damage created by lousy – or corrupt – local government ‘politics’.

Baltimore, as with Detroit, got what they voted for…decades of Democrats.

No Republican has been elected to the city council or mayor’s office since 1967.

Evidently, Baltimore voters errr…rioters…are correcting that error as we watch.

The only way they know how.

And their Democrat politicians should reap what they sow…

…IF the media were honest.

Our last blog headlined the obvious – Baltimore is rioting over Democrat policy.

But, even with a dishonest media that continues to carry Democrat water…

…shouldn’t we expect honest, reasonable people to figure this out on their own?

Baltimore rioting a logical conclusion to Democrat policies

It was mentioned on the Hannity Show today that not one Republican has been elected to the Baltimore city council in the last 75 years, or mayor in the last 48 years…and the majority of its law enforcement members are black.

So, if failures in opportunity or education are to blame for riots, blame Democrats.

And if police tactics are being called racist, then it must be black-on-black.

C’mon Baltimore…show some love for that Liberal agenda…

…after all…you got what you voted for.

An easy lesson in the brilliance of America’s Constitution

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show asked how our Constitution has failed us. If a constitutional form of government is so great, how did it let us get to this point?

Rush’s answer is spot on…it’s the politicians who failed us, not the Constitution.

The essential safeguard in that document is ‘separation of powers’, and if (or when) any of the three branches fail to uphold that crucial process, bad things happen.

Democrats in Congress, in lockstep with Obama, gladly gave it away.

Republicans now control Congress, but refuse to take it back.

In effect, they’ve given Obama carte blanche…to their everlasting shame.

The brilliance of our founding document has been squandered by cowardice.

‘Content of their character’ on full display in Baltimore rioting

Perverting Martin Luther King’s dream, destructive Baltimore rampage videos sadly reveal the content of the rioters’ character was DEFINED by the color of their skin.

‘Black Lives Matter’ chose Baltimore to demonstrate Rule-of-Law…doesn’t.

Stunningly, after damage was done, Baltimore’s mayor assured her city’s residents the ‘space to destroy’ was deliberately provided…for those who wished to do so.

‘Exercising free speech rights’ has just taken on new meaning. With that statement, Baltimore’s black mayor has now declared open season on property destruction.

One can only wonder how long it will take, to turn Baltimore into a decaying city.

Move over Detroit…

…Baltimore’s mayor just branded her city the new ‘capitol of destruction’.

Has ‘content of character’ become a non sequitur for certain societal segments?

Dr. King was not available for comment.

Immigration up, household incomes down…how is that so great for the economy?

As reported by The Daily Caller on Thursday:

“Since 1970, the foreign-born population of the U.S. increased 325 percent, the Congressional Research Service found, while wages for the bottom 90 percent of earners decreased by 8% and their share of income (decreased) by 16%.”

Yet we hear one Democrat politician after another claim illegal immigration is good for the economy…a sentiment parroted (of course) by their media lapdogs legion.

So, logic dictates they’re speaking as being part of the top 10% of wage earners, qualified as earning over $114,000 per year.

Under a $114k threshold? Your wages dropped 8%, income share dropped 16%.

That’s why the bottom 90% aren’t cheering for illegal immigration any time soon.

UPDATED: Thousands of veterans died, while HUNDREDS of VA workers lied…yet NOBODY has been fired

Aug 2014, it was reported between 2010 and 2012 over 47,000 veterans died while waiting for their online VA healthcare registration status to be approved.

Widespread stories documented VA employees gaming the system for bonuses.

2 months ago, in February, the new VA Director claimed ‘900 had been fired, 60 of them for manipulating false wait times’. IN REALITY, ONLY 2 WERE FIRED.

This is how dedicated a Democrat administration is to America’s veterans.


Today, Breitbart reports NOBODY has been fired for manipulating VA wait lists.