‘Content of their character’ on full display in Baltimore rioting

Perverting Martin Luther King’s dream, destructive Baltimore rampage videos sadly reveal the content of the rioters’ character was DEFINED by the color of their skin.

‘Black Lives Matter’ chose Baltimore to demonstrate Rule-of-Law…doesn’t.

Stunningly, after damage was done, Baltimore’s mayor assured her city’s residents the ‘space to destroy’ was deliberately provided…for those who wished to do so.

‘Exercising free speech rights’ has just taken on new meaning. With that statement, Baltimore’s black mayor has now declared open season on property destruction.

One can only wonder how long it will take, to turn Baltimore into a decaying city.

Move over Detroit…

…Baltimore’s mayor just branded her city the new ‘capitol of destruction’.

Has ‘content of character’ become a non sequitur for certain societal segments?

Dr. King was not available for comment.

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