As they held Congress how much $$ did Democrats & Obama send Baltimore?

As Baltimore burns, the ‘Whiner-in-Chief’ says the rioters must blame Republicans.

After all, you see, those naughty Republicans are blocking all the money he could be sending to such Democrat-controlled blighted urban areas as Baltimore.

Anybody recall Democrats controlled Congress 2 years before Obama was elected? And, controlled Congress and the White House for 2 years after he was elected?

Anyone remember the $900 billion stimulus? What, they stuffed the wrong pockets?

How much help did Obama-&-Co send to the Democrat slums then?

Be it local, regional, statewide, or geographic segment, when Democrat policies fail its citizens, somewhere up the foodchain there’s a Republican bogeyman to blame.

But when the Congress and the White House is Democrat controlled, the best they can hope for is to blame the last GOP guy…or wait for the next one to come along.

And, of course, expect the media to cover for them during the process.

Ultimately, it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to use tax dollars to cover up or repair the damage created by lousy – or corrupt – local government ‘politics’.

Baltimore, as with Detroit, got what they voted for…decades of Democrats.

No Republican has been elected to the city council or mayor’s office since 1967.

Evidently, Baltimore voters errr…rioters…are correcting that error as we watch.

The only way they know how.

And their Democrat politicians should reap what they sow…

…IF the media were honest.

Our last blog headlined the obvious – Baltimore is rioting over Democrat policy.

But, even with a dishonest media that continues to carry Democrat water…

…shouldn’t we expect honest, reasonable people to figure this out on their own?

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