Spy-vs-Spy…Oversight-vs-Oversight…choose your poison

The House Intelligence Committee chairman takes heat from the usual Left-wing suspects for bringing information, given him by a whistle-blower, to the President.

But, with the partisan nature of politics today, it was actually the least harmful way to deal with the situation, and was certainly the most transparent for the public.

Especially considering that, along with ‘Fake News’, you can add ‘Fake Politics’ and ‘Fake Intel’ to the National lexicon…in today’s charged environment, anything goes.

So spare us the ‘House Intel Committee chairman breached protocol’ whining, and don’t even suggest his source ‘broke the intel chain-of-command’.

Obama embedded his cohort in every federal agency before leaving; any chain-of-command at present would be unquestionably anti-Republican, thus problematic.

(Who among us believes an Obama-embed would release info harmful to Obama?)

Chairman Nunes took the ONLY right action…honesty and transparency.

Who knew there was any of that commodity left in DC?

(For a compelling argument on the correctness of his efforts, those interested could read Victor Davis Hanson’s piece in National Review Online today.)

Democrat confirms surveillance abuse…sham-stream media yawns

An Obama administration official seems to have outed Barack Hussein Obama’s efforts to enable widespread surveillance of Pres Trump and his team.

The revelation has taken over 3 weeks before being reported, but…surprise!…the sham-stream media isn’t reporting the story. Instead, count on them to refer to it, If at all, as being ‘misconstrued’ or ‘out-of-context’.

(And those who attempt this feint will always refer to a Russian-Trump connection that has, as yet, FAILED to produce 1 speck of evidence.)

Watergate is a fender-bender compared to this train-wreck of a scandal. You’d think a responsible media would be all over this.

The ‘Fourth Estate’ is nothing more than a Democrat plantation.

Aborting journalism…a Leftie state attorney-general shows how it’s done

A bought & paid for California AG just defined when journalism isn’t protected.

Freedom of the Press…guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the Constitution.

But, evidently, after being exposed in heinous crimes, not when pro-abortion heavy-money donors push the buttons of their rented lapdog state attorney-general.

We’re not debating the right or wrong of abortion…it’s currently the law of the land.

What we object to is when investigative reporters who uncovered a crime of murder themselves become the target of indictment…for exposing the perpetrators.

As these journalists revealed, laws are being broken by abortion providers who ignored humane boundary laws set to prevent unbridled savagery in the industry.

Are pro-abortion advocates so wedded to their cause they will condone the illegal and atrocious activities of the institutions committing inhuman, lawless acts?

Is the need to kill the unborn so driven, ANY savagery is acceptable?

Abortion is the law of the land…

…but so are laws against murder…

…and laws requiring rendering care for born-alive babies.

Whether you support abortion or not, Californians, your tax dollars are paying for this travesty of ‘justice’…unless your outcry gets heard in Sacramento.

Abortion may be legal…but it shouldn’t be unbridled.

There’s a way to counter deepstate anti-Trump intel-leaks, being used to veil corrupt Democrats

Republicans must understand, there’ll be no respite for them while they hold power.

Democrats can’t afford to let up, because their corrupt leadership would then be in a vulnerable position that would not bode well for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Both were up to their eyeballs violating federal laws by using Hillary’s private email system; an investigation would reveal not only that but other malfeasance as well.

Andrew McCarthy’s June 2016 article detailed this. Toward its end, he notes how Clinton AND Obama are impeachment bait if their acts ever saw the light of day.

With the aid of sham-stream media, Democrats are playing defense by staying on the offense, and must continue relentlessly to protect their corrupt leaders. So the anti-Trump, anti-GOP intelligence leaks will continue unabated, to veil and deflect.

The only recourse for Republicans is to shine that light, thus exposing the raw truth.

For once in our lifetime, we would like to see Democrats forced to play defense, but sadly (and as usual), it doesn’t look like the Republican Congress is up to the task.

President Trump should call for an immediate investigation that includes convening a grand jury to properly look into the abuse of national security by Hillary Clinton…

…AND…while she was secretary of state…her boss, Barack Obama.

Leaks have consequences. Democrats like hardball, hopefully Mr. Trump does too.

Play Ball.

Spare us the hand-wringing over GOP efforts to fix this Democrat monster

Hey, sham-stream media…

…spare us the faux angst over Republican maneuvers in the House.

It took Democrats 50+ years to screw up our healthcare system with Obamacare, and we refuse to agonize over the GOP taking the time to fix it RIGHT.

The real headline should be “Obamacare So Fouled Up A Fix Will Take Longer”.

The new House sworn in the first week of Jan. needs to listen to its newly-elected member concerns, and it should be no surprise to anyone that it’s gonna take more than 2 months to fix what Democrats took 50+years to screw up!

So, save your ‘can Republicans govern?’ navel-gazing for your idiot Left-wing base…the only ones stupid enough to think this abomination is fixable overnight.

‘Repeal Obamacare’ is a real catchy campaign sound-byte, but when the rubber hits the road what moron thinks it’s smart to cause millions to lose their health plan…

(…other than Obama-ites back in 2010)?

Sham-stream media will try to make this about Republican ineptitude, but remember that the Obamacare monster has grown and morphed (often, lawlessly) since 2010.

(Not to mention any last-minute surprises Obama and his cohort may have created.)

Law-making of a magnitude to clean up the Democrats’ mess is going to take time.


Playing fast and loose w-language doesn’t alter facts – Obama’s team surveilled Pres-elect

Democrats and their media lapdogs can throw the word ‘incidental’ around all day…

…but it does not change the fact: Obama had the Trump team surveilled.

Caught in their own lies, new info vindicates Pres Trump’s claim.

Trying to behave now as if it was no big thing, ‘incidental’ is being mouthed in a dismissive effort, as if it was an accidental thing if Trump’s team was surveilled…

…but knowing what foreigners would be called and ‘tapping’ their lines to snare the calls from the Trump transition team, then unmasking those team members in the intel reports proves the lie in this Left-wing effort to whitewash Obama…

…and at least some of the tactics used by Obama’s cohort broke federal law.

Attorney General Sessions will be very busy over the next four years.

…or, if W had monitored Obama’s transition team

So, Obama’s Dept of Justice monitored Pres-elect Trump’s transition team, and the Sham-stream media think nothing of it, or seem bent on somehow justifying it?

But, imagine if George W Bush had done that to a Pres-elect Obama.

(After all, Obama was brought up around well-known Communist sympathizers.)

The media FIRESTORM would have been spontaneous in furious condemnation of such activities, and screams of ‘off-with-their-heads’ would’ve been relentless.

Too bad President Trump isn’t black…or (just as importantly) a Democrat.

Problem with Congress is all about political theater

As the legislative tug-of-war on a House health-care bill continues, one can’t help but regret the structure of Article 1 in the Constitution that begets a ‘continual campaign’ mode due to the 2-year election model congressmen deal with.

Playing to their constituents takes priority…

…over doing what Americans need…quickly.

Make no mistake – this ongoing drama is nothing more than political soap opera.

And, for all the sham-stream media tries to shape this daily theater as, somehow, a failure for Pres Trump, remember, this is by no means new...

…Congress kabuki has been going on for decades.

(And, being a businessman, this President knows full well that the election/re-election process means they need to satisfy their audience.)