Aborting journalism…a Leftie state attorney-general shows how it’s done

A bought & paid for California AG just defined when journalism isn’t protected.

Freedom of the Press…guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the Constitution.

But, evidently, after being exposed in heinous crimes, not when pro-abortion heavy-money donors push the buttons of their rented lapdog state attorney-general.

We’re not debating the right or wrong of abortion…it’s currently the law of the land.

What we object to is when investigative reporters who uncovered a crime of murder themselves become the target of indictment…for exposing the perpetrators.

As these journalists revealed, laws are being broken by abortion providers who ignored humane boundary laws set to prevent unbridled savagery in the industry.

Are pro-abortion advocates so wedded to their cause they will condone the illegal and atrocious activities of the institutions committing inhuman, lawless acts?

Is the need to kill the unborn so driven, ANY savagery is acceptable?

Abortion is the law of the land…

…but so are laws against murder…

…and laws requiring rendering care for born-alive babies.

Whether you support abortion or not, Californians, your tax dollars are paying for this travesty of ‘justice’…unless your outcry gets heard in Sacramento.

Abortion may be legal…but it shouldn’t be unbridled.

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