There’s a way to counter deepstate anti-Trump intel-leaks, being used to veil corrupt Democrats

Republicans must understand, there’ll be no respite for them while they hold power.

Democrats can’t afford to let up, because their corrupt leadership would then be in a vulnerable position that would not bode well for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Both were up to their eyeballs violating federal laws by using Hillary’s private email system; an investigation would reveal not only that but other malfeasance as well.

Andrew McCarthy’s June 2016 article detailed this. Toward its end, he notes how Clinton AND Obama are impeachment bait if their acts ever saw the light of day.

With the aid of sham-stream media, Democrats are playing defense by staying on the offense, and must continue relentlessly to protect their corrupt leaders. So the anti-Trump, anti-GOP intelligence leaks will continue unabated, to veil and deflect.

The only recourse for Republicans is to shine that light, thus exposing the raw truth.

For once in our lifetime, we would like to see Democrats forced to play defense, but sadly (and as usual), it doesn’t look like the Republican Congress is up to the task.

President Trump should call for an immediate investigation that includes convening a grand jury to properly look into the abuse of national security by Hillary Clinton…

…AND…while she was secretary of state…her boss, Barack Obama.

Leaks have consequences. Democrats like hardball, hopefully Mr. Trump does too.

Play Ball.

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