Spare us the hand-wringing over GOP efforts to fix this Democrat monster

Hey, sham-stream media…

…spare us the faux angst over Republican maneuvers in the House.

It took Democrats 50+ years to screw up our healthcare system with Obamacare, and we refuse to agonize over the GOP taking the time to fix it RIGHT.

The real headline should be “Obamacare So Fouled Up A Fix Will Take Longer”.

The new House sworn in the first week of Jan. needs to listen to its newly-elected member concerns, and it should be no surprise to anyone that it’s gonna take more than 2 months to fix what Democrats took 50+years to screw up!

So, save your ‘can Republicans govern?’ navel-gazing for your idiot Left-wing base…the only ones stupid enough to think this abomination is fixable overnight.

‘Repeal Obamacare’ is a real catchy campaign sound-byte, but when the rubber hits the road what moron thinks it’s smart to cause millions to lose their health plan…

(…other than Obama-ites back in 2010)?

Sham-stream media will try to make this about Republican ineptitude, but remember that the Obamacare monster has grown and morphed (often, lawlessly) since 2010.

(Not to mention any last-minute surprises Obama and his cohort may have created.)

Law-making of a magnitude to clean up the Democrats’ mess is going to take time.


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