Playing fast and loose w-language doesn’t alter facts – Obama’s team surveilled Pres-elect

Democrats and their media lapdogs can throw the word ‘incidental’ around all day…

…but it does not change the fact: Obama had the Trump team surveilled.

Caught in their own lies, new info vindicates Pres Trump’s claim.

Trying to behave now as if it was no big thing, ‘incidental’ is being mouthed in a dismissive effort, as if it was an accidental thing if Trump’s team was surveilled…

…but knowing what foreigners would be called and ‘tapping’ their lines to snare the calls from the Trump transition team, then unmasking those team members in the intel reports proves the lie in this Left-wing effort to whitewash Obama…

…and at least some of the tactics used by Obama’s cohort broke federal law.

Attorney General Sessions will be very busy over the next four years.

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