Stupidity & Loyalty – gifts that keep on giving for Democrat politicians

Unfair, you say? Well, poor & low-income groups make up the Democrat base, so…

What else would you call someone who continues to reward politicians for keeping them in financial misery? After all, it’s the politicians’ policies which are causing that misery.

Lousy energy policy drives utility prices up, & cause skyrocketing gas-pump prices. We all know that all our food and material necessities require energy for creating them, & getting them to market, right? Well…every step of that crucial process requires energy.

If democrat voters don’t understand that, then, yeah…they’re stupid. After all, the same bad energy policies are put in place every time democrats are voted into leadership positions…and prices go up. Hardest hit? Low income & poor.

(Did we mention that those groups make up the democrat base?)

Blame the oil companies, they say. Why?

Oil companies don’t legislate Democrat policies – they just work within the Democrat framework set in place by (you guessed it) Democrat politicians…voted into office by…

…yeah – the loyally stupid people who refuse to recognize the obvious.

Unfortunately, the rest of us end up paying the jacked-up higher prices as well.

Here’s an idea – stop the stupidity, and change your registered Party affiliation…

…at least that will make it a little harder for Democrats to steal your vote.

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