Mr Trump didn’t shoot himself in the foot…the press always does it for him

You want context – here’s some context for you: as tons of audio & written evidence of Pres. Biden/family corruption piles up, the press focuses on – you guessed it…Trump.

And, in their haste to trash the former President (while NOT reporting on their own clay-footed corrupt hero – Biden), they act as if a recording of Mr. Trump is damning, butttt…

…sorry, Democrats & Trump-haters everywhere – it’s not.

What the (former) President took with him is automatically declassified when it was taken. That’s the plenary powers the Supreme Court confirmed he has…as President.

In the audio all his detractors are trying to use against him, he’s making the point that a General (Milley) was trying to smear him as war-mongering against Iran; but the documents he was indicating at the time of the audio prove it was Milley’s plan, not his.

Now, even though documents in his possession taken from the White House while he was President are considered declassified at that point, he still knows they would be seen as provocative by a foreign power, and won’t reveal them to just anyone.

That’s the point he was trying to make.

He wants to keep the information private, considering it confidential and secret, but that’s not the same thing as designating that information as still officially classified.

(He couldn’t do that anyway, ‘cuz he’s no longer President.)

CNN & the usual enemies of his are blowing the whole thing out of context, and trying to make the point that he knows they still bear classification status…but they don’t.

Andrea Widburg makes a great case for how this is going down in her latest article The irrelevancy of the CNN tape of Trump implying a document is classified” 

They’re slow-roasting this Trump-nothingburger, while deep-freezing actual evidence on the entire Biden crime family and their corrupt dealings with foreign entities.

Sadly, it’s a typical (and expected) media shell-game chicanery…feed the masses ever-roasting Trump-hatred…while keeping the masses oblivious to real Democrat crimes.

So, hey…even if Mr. Trump hadn’t provided some inflammatory audio that they could out-of-context hyperventilate over on air, they’d fabricate whatever was needed anyway.

One way or another, they want to serve him up fried and crispy. It’s a nothing burger as was the Russia Collusion election-meddling they misreported, in keeping with their unspoken creed…Tell A Lie Often Enough, And It Becomes Truth.

What else is new?

Hey – don’t worry – we’re sure they’ll tell you, when they think it’s time.

Their version, anyway…

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