FBI never named either a target or a subject in the Hillary-email investigation


During a joint Congressional hearing, DOJ Inspector General Horowitz told members that the FBI never named a target or even a subject in the Clinton email probe.”

Got that? In a criminal investigation, nobody was named a target or a subject.

Still think the fix wasn’t in?

And, while watching and listening to his testimony, repetitively it was mentioned that no evidence of political bias affected the prosecutors’ decision on not indicting Hillary…

…but never is there any mention that no evidence was found of political bias in the investigators reports that those prosecutors would have relied on to base their decision.

Very convenient…mealy-mouthed, but convenient.

As to where bias influenced actions, if the prosecutors relied on the reports of lead investigators whose political bias was VERY demonstrable…the IG has blinders on.


After listening to the hearing for hours, one fact stands out…

…IG Horowitz repeatedly emphasizes that the IG report was based on prosecutors’ decisions not to indict, but he never references the fact those prosecutors had to have reached their decisions not to prosecute Hillary based on investigator reports…

…politically biased investigator reports.

We can’t help but wonder why no Republican at the hearing didn’t ask about that.

Note to Hillary: illegal alien acts caused their children to suffer

Breitbart headline: “Hillary: Separating Families Contrary to Religious Values — Jesus ‘Did Not Say Let the Children Suffer’”

Unhhh…Hillary…it’s not Republicans who told illegal aliens to try and crash our border.

And, hey, while on the subject of how Jesus feels, think he’d be happy with abortion?

Jesus didn’t say ‘ it’s okay to kill the unborn’ either.

Bottom line: Congress can pass a law immediately to keep illegal alien kids with parents. If the ‘best and brightest’ are on Capitol Hill, nothing stops them…

…except the political expediency to keep a crisis going…for electioneering.

Border chaos emotion-whores want to force catch-&-release back into play

Tugging emotional heart-strings over ‘separation’ leaves no other option viable.

By using children as their foil, the border chaos Emotion-Whores know there’s only one solution, if separating kids from adults is not an option…re-institute ‘catch-&-release’.

But, as already noted, over 80% of kids accompanying adult illegals aren’t with parents.

That means unaccompanied kids traveled from their own South/Central American countries through other potentially dangerous countries, then (definitely dangerous) Mexico, to get here. Who in their right mind doesn’t see this as endangering children?

That said, how is allowing a catch-&-release situation that encourages endangerment to continue, better than a zero-tolerance policy…that would deter such endangering acts?

Passing laws, then blaming ‘enforcement’ as the problem…?

Fact checkers can spin this administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ enforcement decision of the immigration laws so it makes Republicans the bad guys, but it doesn’t change facts.

Entering the USA illegally is a crime; a misdemeanor the first time, a felony after that.

And, guess what…committing a crime, while children are in your custody is defined by law as child endangerment – especially when 80% of those kids aren’t with parents.

If you jay-walk a high-traffic intersection with your 6-month old son in your arms, not only did you commit a misdemeanor…you endangered your child. If you rob a bank with that 6-month old in your arms, you committed a felony while endangering him.

In either case, while you’re in custody and being processed as an adult through the legal system (which involves, at some point, confinement in an adult-populated holding area), of course the child must be adequately cared for in a non-endangered manner.

How is what’s happening at the southern border any different?


There are procedures in place for immigrating to America. Those who violate the system – with or without kids in tow – deserve no special treatment. They broke the law.

And don’t blame those enforcing the law.

Use common sense…don’t let these Left-wing emotion-whores cloud your judgment.

Final word – whether by law or by executive action…

…Obama and his Democrat cohort encouraged this border behavior for 8 years, thus CREATING yet another crisis they now politically exploit…the blame falls on them.

The height of political hypocrisy is to make law, then vilify those who enforce it.

If ‘asylum’ seekers w-kids are gumming up the system, why not deport them to port-of-entry sites?

For legitimate or illegitimate reasons, illegal aliens use children to try getting into the U.S. faster; and when claiming asylum, the law says kids can’t be held past 2 days.

NRO’s Rich Lowry explains in more detail, but let’s cut to the chase…

…asylum seekers should do the right thing, and go through a port-of-entry process.

As it stands, illegal alien kids are clogging up the system, because the adults who drag them in try the ‘asylum’ dodge, knowing the law says kids can’t be held past 20 days.

Those who try the illegal route should be deported to the closest port-of-entry…

…WITH the kids they’re using as asylum-shields.

When did abortion-lovers start caring about kids…and demanding Trump go dictatorial?

Begs the question.

How can the same Party that champions wholesale abortion pose as caring about kids?

Don’t you wish unborn American kids received as much concern as illegal alien kids?

And, how is it the same Leftists who rage falsely about President Trump acting like a dictator, suddenly demand that he do something dictatorial about immigration law?

(Remember – Congress makes the law…the Executive branch enforces the law.)

Just askin’…

Another week, another fabricated crisis…& another case of media neglect

“Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says”

The Obama administration allowed over 125,000 illegal children into the United States, and Democrats have the nerve NOW to complain about how illegal kids are handled?

Is there a crisis in this country that HASN’T been fabricated by Democrats?

What honest media gives credibility to those who create a crisis…then exploit it?

Bottom line: if Democrats refuse to support the GOP legislation to fix the problem…

…they ARE the PROBLEM.

Remember – No new law has been enacted since Republicans came to power in Congress. No new executive action has been ordered by Pres Trump. The law being enforced is the same law that Obama and his administration enforced for years.

Another example that reveals Democrats are in the pockets of Big Business

“How Dodd-Frank Stole The Recovery By Killing Small-Business Growth”

Dodd-Frank was passed in 2010 by a Democrat-controlled Congress, ostensibly to corral Wall Street ‘fatcat’ bankers…but was actually a law that FAVORED those fatcats.

A new study says “…damage done…to small businesses was severe…and made it more difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain funding…” 

IBD notes “Smaller banks, which mainly do only small-business loans, saw their loan volumes decline by twice as much. This is why there has been a silent depression in the once-vibrant small-bank industry. Meanwhile, loans of over $1 million by bigger banks have soared by 80%. Obama and the Democrats were the least small-business friendly administration and Congress since the Great Depression.”

Long story short – Democrats in the pocket of Big Banking hurt small banking.

Next time Democrats wail about the GOP favoring ‘Fatcat Bankers’ ask them how it can be, when Democrat legislation – that favored those fatcats – has now been checked

…by Pres Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress.