Like it or not…Roe-v-Wade abortion law hinges on unborn not being ‘life’

With the retirement announcement of Justice Kennedy, the Left is going into overdrive to warn of their flagship policy – abortion on demand – now being jeopardized.

There’s no easy way to say this – the Roe-v-Wade decision could only survive as law if the unborn are seen as not being ‘life’ until a certain point in the pregnancy.

(And spare everyone the ‘right-to-privacy, stay-out-of-bedroom’ hyperbole. Settled law made prostitution and adultery illegal throughout most of the U.S. long before Roe-v-Wade, and if the ‘woman’s right to choose how to treat her body’ concept were valid, why were those adjudicated illegalities, involving a woman’s body use, not challenged?)

Many see Roe-v-Wade and subsequent rulings as …indefensible legally, scientifically, and morally” so the next Justice will be under extreme scrutiny…by both sides.

When illogical, unreasoning hype fills the air, there’s only 1 way to deal with it

Just as it’s impossible to wake someone who pretends to be sleeping, it’s not possible to argue logic and reason…with those deliberately being illogical and unreasonable.

Consider the illogical, unreasoning anger at enforcing immigration law.

As Thomas Farnan points out in his PJ Media article…

“…the deluded…use…institutions of government and media to indulge…fantasies. They can fixate attention upon any claim, however far-fetched, of Trump-atrocity.

It does not matter that Trump-atrocity was Obama policy just 20 months before with no attendant outrage. The claim of Trump-atrocity feeds the emotional loop.

Consider, for example, the recent illegal immigration fury. The resistance refused to consider any factual distinction that would disrupt their self-indulgent moral pose.

Fact: President Trump was simply enforcing the laws Congress passed.

Fact: The “cages” as they were called were hastily constructed detention centers in use during the Obama administration for the same purpose.

Fact: The process of administering immigration laws requires such an intermediate place for processing applications and denying entry to the unworthy.

Fact: Ellis Island was a detention center surrounded by water with buildings to medically quarantine any child showing signs of disease before putting him or her on the next ship home.

By ignoring these facts and inventing others, the hysterical left managed to turn a modern version of Ellis Island into Auschwitz.”

If a deluded ‘resistance’ refuses to consider distinctions, leave them to their delusion.

But, there is hope – because reason and logic can reach those misinformed people who are willing to think outside the box that FakeNews media is using, to contain them.

For those deliberately being illogical and unreasonable, other than an occasional look to make sure they’re not carrying assault weapons or brass knuckles…ignore them.

Challenge to CNN: show the public where Trump ever condemned an HONEST media

Washington Times headline “Jim Acosta shouts about ‘calling the press the enemy of the people’ at Trump’s tax law event”

This is why it’s FakeNews, folks.

CNN’s Acosta knows full well the President refers to a FakeNews press as an enemy of the people, which it is…when the purveyors fabricate and twist ‘news’ to fit a narrative.

One of their ‘twist’ tactics is pulling comments out of context, building a false premise at a time of heightened sensitivity when Maryland journalists are killed by an angry wacko.

Thanks, Jim…you’ve provided an example of FakeNews methodology, and at the same time built up in the American public more resentment and anger for the enemy media.

Politicians baked ‘deportation’ into immigration legislation, but now rage over…deportation?

Kirsten Gillibrand backs abolishing ICE: It has become a ‘deportation force’”

Gillibrand (d-NY senator) is just one of many Democrats who rage against the very laws that were debated, written, and passed into law…by the Congress she serves within.

They say that the definition of chutzpah (shameless audacity) is when a man murders his mother and father…then begs for mercy from the court – because he’s an orphan.

We would add that another shameless audacity is to write and pass laws…

…then condemn those who try to ENFORCE them.

Got patience? If you’re interested and can handle it, read 8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens, and 8 U.S. Code § 1229a – Removal proceedings

…then ask anyone raging against ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) what possible excuse they have for condemning enforcement of American laws?

Crazy-aunt Maxine’s ‘threats’ are probably coming from Democrats wanting her to shut up

Crazy-aunt Maxine Waters claims she’s getting threats ‘cuz of her anti-Trump tirades…

…but considering her strident, over-the-top rhetoric, those threats are probably coming from her Democrat colleagues…desperate to, in some way – any way – shut her up.

The American public is tired of unhinged Left-wing ranting, that incites violence.

Democrat climate initiatives in California under-achieve…unless you’re wealthy

Investor’s Business Daily editorial sums it up…“California’s Costly Global Warming Campaign Turns Out To Be Worse Than Useless”

As your Democrat politicians pat each other on the back “…a new report shows that despite the enormous costs of this effort, the state is doing a worse job at cutting CO2 emissions than the rest of the country, while badly hurting its working families.”

Democrat policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in California are “hampering the states’ economy, eliminating opportunities for working families, and increasing poverty. Housing and energy prices are climbing faster than the national average. Wages for Latinos, African Americans and the less educated have stagnated.” (underline added)

Democrat policy hurts middle/lower income families and the poor, but if you’re wealthy?

“…the imposition by the state’s Democratic Party leaders of highly regressive climate schemes have engendered disparate financial hardships on middle and lower income workers and minority communities, while providing direct economic subsidies to wealthier Californians in environmentalist strongholds like Marin County.”

(Emphasis added)

As usual, under the guise of ‘helping the environment’ the Democrats have managed to make things worse for the working class and poor, while subsidizing the wealthy.

Bottom line – if you’re okay with favoring the richkeep voting ‘Democrat’.

Never thought we’d be thanking Harry Reid, but…

…Thank You, Harry Reid.

As the Senate majority leader, he did away with the judicial filibuster.

And now, with Justice Kennedy retiring…the Democrats are going crazy over thoughts of President Trump nominating another judicial appointment loyal to the Constitution.

Reid was praised by his Liberal cohort then…we join in that praise now.

Thank you, Harry Reid.

Unhh…Will a ‘EuBoy’ Harley model maintain its continental European allure?

Until Europe blinks on tariff wars, with the President’s plan, Harley Davidson worked out that cost of building American-made Harleys in Europe would raise the sell price $2.2k.

So, they’ve announced they’re moving part of their production to Europe to avoid that.

Will model name changes be a part of that move?

The imagination runs wild – Instead of StreetGlide, maybe BahnGlide; hey, how about EuBoy rather than FatBoy? And then there’s RoadCzar, to replace the RoadKing.

(For the SofTail, all we can think of is…Cosmopolitan?)

Not sure if a ‘EuBoy’ will quite capture the hog-riding European imagination…

…and, don’t EVEN get us started on the idea of a YugoBoy.

Sorry, liberals…but union dues have never been politically donated proportionate to political choice

The gnashing of teeth can be heard throughout Liberal-land, now that the latest ruling by the Supreme Court says non-union public employees don’t have to pay union fees.

If for no other reason, even UNION members should demand free speech protection by forcing their union largesse to be proportionately donated to political parties.

As it is, 85%+ of union donations go to Democrats…but (arguably) 35-40% of all union employees support Republican policy and candidates, which means forced donations.

(Add to that probably 20-25% of union employees support other non-Democrat issues and/or candidates…so their free-speech liberties are being trampled as well.)

Political donations are a form of free speech, which means, essentially, that about 50-60% of union employees are disenfranchised when 85% of their dues go to Democrats.