Sorry, liberals…but union dues have never been politically donated proportionate to political choice

The gnashing of teeth can be heard throughout Liberal-land, now that the latest ruling by the Supreme Court says non-union public employees don’t have to pay union fees.

If for no other reason, even UNION members should demand free speech protection by forcing their union largesse to be proportionately donated to political parties.

As it is, 85%+ of union donations go to Democrats…but (arguably) 35-40% of all union employees support Republican policy and candidates, which means forced donations.

(Add to that probably 20-25% of union employees support other non-Democrat issues and/or candidates…so their free-speech liberties are being trampled as well.)

Political donations are a form of free speech, which means, essentially, that about 50-60% of union employees are disenfranchised when 85% of their dues go to Democrats.

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