Unhh…Will a ‘EuBoy’ Harley model maintain its continental European allure?

Until Europe blinks on tariff wars, with the President’s plan, Harley Davidson worked out that cost of building American-made Harleys in Europe would raise the sell price $2.2k.

So, they’ve announced they’re moving part of their production to Europe to avoid that.

Will model name changes be a part of that move?

The imagination runs wild – Instead of StreetGlide, maybe BahnGlide; hey, how about EuBoy rather than FatBoy? And then there’s RoadCzar, to replace the RoadKing.

(For the SofTail, all we can think of is…Cosmopolitan?)

Not sure if a ‘EuBoy’ will quite capture the hog-riding European imagination…

…and, don’t EVEN get us started on the idea of a YugoBoy.

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