How can the Party-of-Leakers complain their memo is being suppressed?

Begs the question, no?

For a Party that leaks classified information so routinely, to suddenly not have within their capability a chance to leak the memo they’ve written, is a definition of ludicrous.

They wrote their ‘memo’ to offset the GOP House Intel committee memo listing various and sundry unethical (and possibly illegal) acts resulting in wholesale spying on Trump.

But, unlike the Democrat effort, the Republican memo has fact and evidence in support.

Bottom line?

If the Party of Leakers won’t release a memo they created…

…it ain’t worth reading anyway.

‘Party of Scowl’ shows bi-partisan hopes are a pipe-dream

Black & Hispanic unemployment are at Historic Lows…


Bonuses and raises are pouring into worker pockets…


Burgeoning stock market means pension plans and 401Ks are getting fatter…


Protecting our borders will ensure the safety and security of Americans…


We can give 3X the number of DACA youth a pathway with reasonable immigration…


Respecting the Nation’s Flag, and the military who serve means stand for the Anthem…


Americans are Dreamers too…


Scowl SOTU

Yeah…bi-partisan hopes with these losers are a pipe-dream.


A true measure of which Party serves worker class, and which serve fat-cats, is wage growth

Numbers don’t lie…but politicians do.

“Wages, Obama Economy’s Weakest Link, Now Surging Under Trump

(Underline emphasis added)

For all their bluster and dire accusations, Democrats are proven to be the Fat-Cat Party in the mix – nothing proves it more clearly than wage growth for the working class.

Obama-era fiscal policy plugged over a trillion dollars into the economy, but it went to unions and fat-cat corporations…who funneled it back with huge Democrat donations.

(Remember Obama’s snide side-joke…shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel-ready‘? snicker, snicker – but the joke was on American workers, for eight long years.)

Democrats, for all their talk about being the workers’ Party, are anything but.

And the Republican corporate tax cuts, for all they’re demonized as enriching the 1%, are really part of the stimulus for unleashing worker wages, being witnessed now.

Since the GOP tax-cuts, not a week goes by without stories of large corporations giving out bonuses and wage increases…when did that happen during the Obama era?

When Democrats rule, wage growth is strictly a Top-Tier result.

We won’t even go into how the burgeoning stock market, on steroids over anticipated tax-cuts and its implementation, has dramatically improved 401Ks and pension plans.

Because, unlike Democrat plans, Republican plans actually accomplish promised goals.

The proof is in the numbers…and unlike certain politicians…numbers don’t lie.

Know why this GOP memo looks like Democrats’ worst nightmare? It HASN’T BEEN LEAKED

Everything you need to know about how explosive this 4-page GOP memo summary of abuse within the FBI and Justice Department is explained by the lack of leaks to date.

When it hurts Republicans, the leaks NEVER stop.

When it hurts Democrats…the leaks never start.

And when they go completely bat-crap crazy trying to stop the transparency such a release will allow, you know the sky is gonna come crashing down on the Left.

The next few weeks promise to be fun.

When it comes to fascism, nobody beats a Democrat

Democrat James Clyburn is the latest politician condemning the President as Fascist,  but truth is, ‘fascism’ describes an authoritarian mindset which Obama demonstrated.

Clyburn is either tragically misinformed, or deliberately obtuse.

Rush Limbaugh put it simply today – an authoritarian doesn’t slash regulations like the President has this last year – and doesn’t weaponize gov’t agencies against citizens…

…you know – like Barack Obama did during his presidency.

Obama and his Democrat cohort took over 16% of the economy with their Obamacare death-grip, and Obama’s Justice Department used the FBI and CIA against citizens.

So, when talking ‘fascism’ – you need look no further than the Democrat Party.

Wait – Democrats’ unsubstantiated dirt-dossier is legit…but revealing how they used it is not?

You gotta love it…

…the Democrats are in an hysteria-infused panic, now that their opposition dirt-dossier is being revealed as the driving force behind abusive surveillance acts by Obama’s FBI.

So, to sum up, their unsubstantiated dirt-dossier is to be taken seriously absent any proof, but showing how it was used to illegally surveille a political opponent is wrong?

Put up or shut up, Mueller…show cause, or resign & go home

Put simply, when a special counsel can’t show any Trump-Russia collusion crime after over a year of investigation by FBI and counsel efforts, it’s time to put up, or shut down.

Andrew McCarthy has written that Mueller should not seek a meeting with the President and the President should not agree to a meeting with Mueller without specific cause.

And, by ‘specific’ we mean just what Mr. McCarthy calls for

“it would be wrong for Mueller to seek to interview the president of the United States unless he can first show cause that (1) a serious crime implicating the president has been committed and (2) the president is possessed of testimony that is both essential to proving the crime and unobtainable by alternative means.” (emphasis added)

This multi-million dollar tax-payer funded farce needs to be proven…or ended…


Republican, Democrat, or Independent, if you want to know whys and wherefores of the manner an honest, objective law enforcement should function, read McCarthy’s article.

Not only that, he also lays out in brief detail how and why the Justice Department’s Deputy AG Rosenstein should be doing his job – and how he’s failing that task…


Will the revealed measure of corruption be enough to impeach Obama?

Fear of attacking any Obama policy actions while he was in office was driven by the fact that he was the ‘first Black-American president’ and no one wanted to be painted racist.

But weaponizing the FBI and CIA for crass political purpose is a huge scandal, and will even the ‘first black-American president’ be able to elude the inevitable indictments?

Just to be clear – the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department answered to…Barack Obama.

No one in their right mind would believe this level of chicanery wasn’t at his direction.