Put up or shut up, Mueller…show cause, or resign & go home

Put simply, when a special counsel can’t show any Trump-Russia collusion crime after over a year of investigation by FBI and counsel efforts, it’s time to put up, or shut down.

Andrew McCarthy has written that Mueller should not seek a meeting with the President and the President should not agree to a meeting with Mueller without specific cause.

And, by ‘specific’ we mean just what Mr. McCarthy calls for

“it would be wrong for Mueller to seek to interview the president of the United States unless he can first show cause that (1) a serious crime implicating the president has been committed and (2) the president is possessed of testimony that is both essential to proving the crime and unobtainable by alternative means.” (emphasis added)

This multi-million dollar tax-payer funded farce needs to be proven…or ended…


Republican, Democrat, or Independent, if you want to know whys and wherefores of the manner an honest, objective law enforcement should function, read McCarthy’s article.

Not only that, he also lays out in brief detail how and why the Justice Department’s Deputy AG Rosenstein should be doing his job – and how he’s failing that task…


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