A true measure of which Party serves worker class, and which serve fat-cats, is wage growth

Numbers don’t lie…but politicians do.

“Wages, Obama Economy’s Weakest Link, Now Surging Under Trump

(Underline emphasis added)

For all their bluster and dire accusations, Democrats are proven to be the Fat-Cat Party in the mix – nothing proves it more clearly than wage growth for the working class.

Obama-era fiscal policy plugged over a trillion dollars into the economy, but it went to unions and fat-cat corporations…who funneled it back with huge Democrat donations.

(Remember Obama’s snide side-joke…shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel-ready‘? snicker, snicker – but the joke was on American workers, for eight long years.)

Democrats, for all their talk about being the workers’ Party, are anything but.

And the Republican corporate tax cuts, for all they’re demonized as enriching the 1%, are really part of the stimulus for unleashing worker wages, being witnessed now.

Since the GOP tax-cuts, not a week goes by without stories of large corporations giving out bonuses and wage increases…when did that happen during the Obama era?

When Democrats rule, wage growth is strictly a Top-Tier result.

We won’t even go into how the burgeoning stock market, on steroids over anticipated tax-cuts and its implementation, has dramatically improved 401Ks and pension plans.

Because, unlike Democrat plans, Republican plans actually accomplish promised goals.

The proof is in the numbers…and unlike certain politicians…numbers don’t lie.

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