Why an ignored deceit in the Left’s anti-religious freedom rant?

Throughout a lifetime, it’s human nature to link with those of similar viewpoints…and to shun those who have values or beliefs not consistent or acceptable with our own.

(Environmentalists buy a Prius, not the Hummer…Vegans don’t eat at Arbys.)

Funny there’s never any question over why groups claiming discrimination seem to attempt supporting businesses that oppose their own ideology, isn’t it?

Obviously, a business exists to profit its owner…contracting with that business for its product or services enables that goal of profitability, through customer support.

Isn’t it unnatural, then, to give a business at odds with your values such support…

…unless the end goal isn’t of a ‘purchase’ nature, but really a coercive nature?

The religious baker who refuses catering a gay wedding is honest to his principles…

…the gay couple coercing that service is not.

(After all, the gay couple demands tolerance of their viewpoint, but not the baker’s.)

So, it appears the mainstream media will condemn honesty, and reward deceit.

That’s the new human nature?

Who needs Hillary’s private email server? Go after her recipients’ emails

Is it really that big a deal if Hillary wiped her server clean?

Prosecute her for illegal acts of spoliation of evidence, then go after the recipients.

What are the odds all those people receiving her emails were as paranoid as her? After all, Hillary’s paranoia may have overridden the illegalities of her actions…

…but we’re willing to bet those lesser recipients weren’t so foolhardy.

Hey, Religious Freedom abusers…want to force Muslim imams to officiate gay weddings?

Ranting over the Indiana law that restores religious freedom continues.

We can’t help but wonder…has anyone asked those frenzied anti-religion zealots if they really want to try forcing Muslim holy men to officiate over gay weddings?

(UPDATE) Those who protest it’s not the same principle applied to a church versus a private business are missing the point…

…what if that imam runs a bakery?

Here’s a great opportunity for the White House to sabotage Hillary

Poor innocent Hillary…she wiped her emails clean from her private server.

Of course, had she known anyone would be upset, she wouldn’t have done it.

Wouldn’t it be great if the White House offered to help Hillary, by telling the NSA to turn over ALL her emails they captured during the years she controlled the server?

Now she’s saying ‘gosh, they’ve all been deleted’, and Democrats are up in arms (supposedly) because those mean Republicans want to pillory that poor lady.

Here’s where Obama can step up and offer to help out, ordering NSA assistance…

…which of course would reveal exactly why she deleted those emails originally.

(But, with our luck, her sticky-fingered Sandy Berger probably got there first.)

Proof – Rush Limbaugh loves Liberals

Isn’t it ironic…

…those who hate Rush Limbaugh most are the ones responsible for his existence?

Americans who consider their views as ‘conservative’ remain the largest group, so, if a public seen as conservative were represented honestly, who would need Rush?

Think about it – if mainstream media were conservative and pushed that agenda, his ‘daily dose’ of conservatism would be nothing more than preaching to the choir.

A conservative talk show like Rush Limbaugh’s wouldn’t be needed. Fortunately (for him), a Liberal media controls – and pushes – their message…so a star was born.

Want proof that Rush loves Liberals?

Imagine the size of his bank account.

(Need proof our theory holds water? Name the Liberal talk show host just as huge.)

How legitimate is an agenda that needs lies to support it?

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration law is coming under attack by groups who pervert the law’s foundation and distort its basic principle…religious freedom.

(They don’t have a corner on that market…Democrats do it all the time. They need the  ability to sway by use of emotion, when facts and figures are against them.)

An agenda that requires lies and distortion should be condemned instantly.

‘Suffered enough’? Hang him…HIGH

The liberal media is trying to say deserter Bowe Bergdahl has suffered enough…

…yet seem jointly unconcerned with the deaths of soldiers slain trying to find him.

Bergdahl deserted his post in a wartime situation, soldiers died trying to find him…

…and New York Times columnists are concerned about how difficult his job-seeking prospects and ‘life re-building’ will be if he’s got a Dishonorable Discharge?

What about the lives snuffed out due to his actions?