Why an ignored deceit in the Left’s anti-religious freedom rant?

Throughout a lifetime, it’s human nature to link with those of similar viewpoints…and to shun those who have values or beliefs not consistent or acceptable with our own.

(Environmentalists buy a Prius, not the Hummer…Vegans don’t eat at Arbys.)

Funny there’s never any question over why groups claiming discrimination seem to attempt supporting businesses that oppose their own ideology, isn’t it?

Obviously, a business exists to profit its owner…contracting with that business for its product or services enables that goal of profitability, through customer support.

Isn’t it unnatural, then, to give a business at odds with your values such support…

…unless the end goal isn’t of a ‘purchase’ nature, but really a coercive nature?

The religious baker who refuses catering a gay wedding is honest to his principles…

…the gay couple coercing that service is not.

(After all, the gay couple demands tolerance of their viewpoint, but not the baker’s.)

So, it appears the mainstream media will condemn honesty, and reward deceit.

That’s the new human nature?

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