NY Times fails to grasp that ‘annihilation’ is also a state…

Post-betrayal, Obama and Kerry double down on their anti-Israel rhetoric, as their Left-leaning sham-stream media does their best to obscure the mid-East realities.

A NYTimes opinion piece accuses Israel of ‘abandoning a two-state solution’, which gives the Palestinians a recognized nation as part of any peace agreement.

Problem is, the Palestinian stance is based on the annihilation of Israel.

So, unless everyone is okay with annihilation being the ‘state’ Israel is supposed to accept, it might be a good idea for cooler heads to prevail by getting back to basics.

The ‘basics’ being Israel’s right to EXIST’…at all.

Rule of thumb…

Understand that, when negotiating, both parties should SURVIVE the process.

Otherwise, yeah…

…we’d suggest abandoning a solution where non-existence is the state.

‘Put your NSA where your mouth is…’?

We’re not sure what’s more hilarious…

…the fact that pressure is on Obama to prove Russian interference with the November election, by releasing hacked email information…

…or the fact that revelations of Hillary Clinton’s unworthiness to hold public office proved her ultimate undoing…

…or that ANY details of what’s already public knowledge is somehow too Top Secret to share with the American people, once the ‘investigation’ is finalized.

If you have the wherewithal, pitch-in to help National Review Online

NRO is going through a legal hassle for standing up against global-warming groups who use deceptively created data and graphs to push their sky-is-falling narrative.

It should go without saying that opinions are free speech, but those with friends in ‘billionaire places’ can afford to attack free-speech unrelentingly, to drive agenda.

And unfortunately, in this day and age courts are used as manipulative tools to shut down dissenting dialogue (it isn’t difficult for the Left to identify their judicial allies).

NRO’s been a huge source of reference material for BlueCollar over the years, and we find their columns succinct, valuable, and necessary to the conservative cause.

We’ve donated, and hope you will too. Any amount is appreciated. You can mail donations to National Review, 215 Lexington Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016

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Knowing you’re helping fight the good fight will add to your post-holiday bliss.


The loss-legacy Obama will have a hard time ignoring

1,042 Democrat seats lost at state and federal levels.

From 55, down to 46 Democrat Senate seats…

From 256, down to 194 Democrat House seats…

From 28, down to 16 Democrat governships…

958 state Democrat legislative seats lost.

So, when soon-out-of-office Obama says he would have won a third term…

…you can bet Democrats left in office were HAPPY he wasn’t running.

Emancipation of slaves owe a debt of gratitude to the Electoral College process

Did you know “Abraham Lincoln earned only 39% of the popular vote in the election of 1860, but won a crushing victory in the Electoral College”?

(Is that why Democrat descendants of slave-owners hate the Electoral process?)

So, the next time a Liberal says the Electoral Process should be abolished

…tell them they’re racist.

Dem lawmakers should declare their Green-money ties to Soros and Steyer

Democrat senators are asking Trump’s EPA pick to disclose ties to the Kochs.

Trump’s EPA pick should point out that, while he’s not a government official yet, they ARE…and they should be the ones revealing ties to their billionaire cronies.

After all…as public officials, they’re the ones prone to cash persuasion right now.

All 6 Democrats making the demand are on the Senate environmental panel, and claim they’re concerned about Pruitt being beholden to secret or special interests.

BCP is inclined to believe all six Senators are taking Green money from…

…special interest groups.

When it comes to Democrat lawmakers and special interest cash grabs…

…they HATE competition.