NY Times fails to grasp that ‘annihilation’ is also a state…

Post-betrayal, Obama and Kerry double down on their anti-Israel rhetoric, as their Left-leaning sham-stream media does their best to obscure the mid-East realities.

A NYTimes opinion piece accuses Israel of ‘abandoning a two-state solution’, which gives the Palestinians a recognized nation as part of any peace agreement.

Problem is, the Palestinian stance is based on the annihilation of Israel.

So, unless everyone is okay with annihilation being the ‘state’ Israel is supposed to accept, it might be a good idea for cooler heads to prevail by getting back to basics.

The ‘basics’ being Israel’s right to EXIST’…at all.

Rule of thumb…

Understand that, when negotiating, both parties should SURVIVE the process.

Otherwise, yeah…

…we’d suggest abandoning a solution where non-existence is the state.

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