The greatest economic growth stories FakeNews won’t report

The reaction to President Trump’s tax plan, is, to say the least…underwhelming.

But, when in doubt…ask – WWKS (what would Kudlow say)?

The argument that the U.S. is doomed to 2 percent or less growth — “secular stagnation” — no matter what we do in terms of tax policy, is nonsense. Across-the-board tax cuts produced 5 percent annual growth during the JFK period. And after tax cuts were fully implemented in 1983, real growth averaged 4.6 percent for the remainder of Reagan’s presidency.(Bold emphasis added)

“Taken together, this plan contains a mountain of incentives…The Republican party has got to win this issue, preferably this year…Play hardball, GOP. JFK did it. Reagan did it. And now you have Donald Trump doing it…” 

Thanks, Mr. Kudlow, for clearing that up for us.

Call your congressman, and your Senators, and tell them to support the plan.

We repeat, for clarity – TELL them.

They work for you.

Right-wing anti-Trump’ers continue their charge down Oblivion Lane

Just like clockwork…

Anti-Trump’ers whine the President ‘charged’ into another trap set by Democrats, with his Twitter attacks against FakeNews media and Democrats over the Puerto Rico crisis.

But as we’ve pointed out, the media and Democrats must belittle our American military’s efforts to take their cheap shots against the President, and just as the NFL lost the anti-National Anthem, anti-American Flag battle, they’re gonna lose this one too. Big time.

If this Puerto Rico gambit was a trap…

…by putting themselves in the position of having to bash the American military in order to low-blow President Trump…the Democrats and Fake News sprung it on themselves.

Have they learned nothing since last November? 

Obviously, not. And, if anyone has ‘charged into the Democrats’ trap on Puerto Rico’

…it’s the right wing anti-Trump’ers. No worries, guys, you have plenty of company.

FakeNews trashes our flag and military – what’s next…apple pie and grandma?

Amazing. Anyone bother comparing media retractions to Trump retractions? The same FakeNews media endlessly claiming Trump a liar and inept has retracted one story after another. To date in our recollection, the President hasn’t had to retract a thing, and that sorry excuse for a FakeNews media stumbles from one inept bungled story to another.

Do they even care what American institution they insult, while trying to bring down the President? You would think at least the American flag and military would be sacrosanct but in their Leftist-ideological mind…everything is fair game for their partisan attacks.

They supported the NFL in trashing the American flag, trying to get at him. And, now, they’re attacking him for Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane nightmares? In a previous blog, we noted an island presents unique difficulties only surmountable with a military support effort, and by attacking the President’s efforts they’re attacking our military.

FEMA is led by political appointees, who may or may not be qualified or experienced in mounting the rescue efforts necessary…but our American military is made up of leaders with their careers built on fast action, forward thinking, and getting the job done. They’re facing an herculean task, and deserve America’s support…not FakeNews media scorn.

President Trump should take every opportunity to call out FakeNews for their disgusting mocking and belittling of our military forces’ effort…just to bring him down.

The Left-wing media brought down President Bush’s popularity with Hurricane Katrina, but, unlike in 2005, President Trump has exposed Fake News for what they are. And comparing Mr. Trump’s popularity to media popularity, this won’t end well for the media.

Belittle the President by attacking America military efforts? Use a natural disaster and Puerto Rican suffering to score some cheap shots? Really? We don’t think so.

Continue on that path and this may very well be a Katrina moment…but we predict…

…it’s FakeNews media who will be judged harshly this time.

The only thing left is grandma and apple pie, but, unhh…we forgot, Obamacare’s death panels took grandma down. Oh well, watch your apple pie; they’ll be coming for it soon.

The Nation’s prayers are with you Puerto Rico – we can’t say as much for the media.

Deceptive wordsmithing is what Democrats are all about

The Democrat-controlled California legislature has passed a measure that hikes taxes at the pump by $.12/gallon for gas, and $.20/gallon for diesel, beginning Nov 01 2017. (They also hiked the vehicle registration fees based on its value, to start Jan 2018.)

A Republican legislator objected, believing Californians are over-taxed enough already.

He introduced a ballot measure for citizens to vote on if they want the tax in 2018. But the California attorney general, (Becerra) changed title wording to obscure the fact citizens would be voting against a new ‘tax’…he re-titled it with the word ‘revenues’.

So a ballot measure asking citizens if they want another ‘tax’ is up for a vote in 2018, and attorney general Becerra changes the word to a ‘revenue’…business as usual.

Fortunately, a Superior Court judge knows the difference between tax and revenue.

Thus, the Fox News headline: California judge scolds Dem AG for ‘misleading’ ballot question on tax repeal, rewrites it”

California’s attorney general…(you know, the one sworn to “…well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter”?) just got slapped down by a Sacramento County Superior Court judge for trying to pull a fast one on his citizens.

‘Revenue’ is defined as ‘a state’s annual income from which public expenses are met’.

Sounds pretty friendly and non-intrusive; doesn’t sound like a burdensome tax, right?Most people understand the word as defined – money already in the treasury – and aren’t inclined to vote against spending existing money…but it’s not existing money.

On the other hand, ‘Tax’ is defined as “a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.” Not so friendly, when compulsory. ANOTHER tax? Who wants that? NOBODY, that’s who…can’t use that word, no sir!

So Becerra thinks – hey, let’s just change the ‘tax’ word to ‘revenue’ – and voila!

This is Democrat ‘wordsmithing’…just as a blacksmith takes steel and hammers it into different useful shapes, so Democrats hammer words into ‘useful’ shapes…the problem is, their wordsmithing is meant to be deceptively misleading, easier to slip past voters.

This is how a Democrat Attorney General “well and faithfully discharges” his duties?

Well, of course…he’s a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.


Knew it! Russia supports the Leftist efforts to undermine America

We called it months ago.

Daily Caller:…new reporting indicates that Russia also sought to promote the identity-focused politics that currently dominates America’s political Left.

The Russians placed ads supporting Black-Lives-Matter and other identity politic groups and it wouldn’t surprise BlueCollar to learn they’re supporting this NFL kerfuffle also.

After all, Kaepernick’s original comment to justify his taking-a-knee during the National Anthem was “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Anti-America? Right up Russia’s alley.

This NFL protest of taking-a-knee supports that attitude, and we can say with a high degree of certainty that this is the stuff of the Left…and plays right into the hands of the foreign nations most interested in curbing our power and influence globally.

In a nutshell……the Left wants our American flag seen as a symbol of racism…

…like the Confederate flag they’ve already demonized.

And Russia will be happy to help them in that process.

Our military are the first responders for Puerto Rico

Anti-Trump detractors better be careful with their rhetoric where the rescue process is concerned for Puerto Rico…being an island, the only solution is a military one, and those who rush to bash the President will also be seen as attacking military efforts.

This is a natural disaster challenge beyond anything Obama or W faced. The island’s governor has given the President high marks on his initial efforts, and he would certainly be in a better position to see what’s going on than the chattering anti-Trumpers in DC.

Being an island, with most of its infrastructure (roads, bridges, power stations, airport landing strips) wiped out, military efforts will require herculean off-shore support until the military engineers can get a foothold, which will speed up the process exponentially.

President Trump’s job is to tell military leaders to do what’s necessary, channel civilian aid where applicable, but otherwise get out of the military’s way and let them work.

Anti-Trumpers who take advantage of this disaster are despicable, and should be told to shut-up, or grab a shovel and cases of water, then head to Puerto Rico themselves.

As if unemployed minority Americans didn’t have enough to worry about


“Federal Data: 72 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Are 21-Years-Old or Older”

Then there’s this, from the Daily Caller: “The Total Fiscal Cost Of Illegal Immigration Is A Staggering $135 Billion, Report Says”

Makes you wonder how minority American citizens can overwhelmingly support the very political party (Democrats, who else?) who openly push bringing more job-stealers and state and federal benefit recipients into the United States.

Will they EVER learn?

As expected, Russian pre-election Facebook ads favored the Left

As posted last week, we expected eventually to learn that the pre-election Russian Facebook ads everyone had their panties in a wad over favored the Left.

As headlined: “CNN Reports Russian Facebook Ads Promoted Black Lives Matter”

The only thing surprising here is that CNN reports this in the first place, but then before giving due credit, we should note they still try to weasel-word their way through their report by slip-shod hints that ‘some people could construe’ when the effect of those ads were NEVER ambiguous or inviting confusion…and definitely aimed at creating chaos.

Breitbart’s John Nolte hits the nail on the head in his reporting:

“Here we are, though, more than a year into the Russian collusion “scandal,” and all we know so far is that Red Peril is guilty of doing what it has been doing in the United States for more than a hundred years — aligning with the American left to foment chaos.” (Bold emphasis added…although probably not needed)

Never let it be said BlueCollar doesn’t have a finger on the pulse…

It can’t be just coincidence that ‘radical’ is ‘racial’…when you add a ‘D’

How can this go unmentioned any longer?

In a world where Democrats constantly play the race card to shut down their opponents (no matter the issue), it just seems fitting that ‘radical’ is ‘racial’ – when you add a ‘D’.

Everyone knows the recent violent rioting brought on by the Black-Lives-Matter crowd is a Democrat/Left-fueled construct meant to force opponents into submission. And their deceptive tactics using false police-violence and America-forced-inequality arguments that fuel such anarchy by playing on black victim-hood is despicable…but effective.

So, we find it richly ironic and sadly appropriate (not to mention, based on recent events historically correct) to know it ALWAYS takes a ‘D’…to change ‘racial’ to ‘radical’.

Yet one more example of Life defining Mockery…Democrat-style.