As expected, Russian pre-election Facebook ads favored the Left

As posted last week, we expected eventually to learn that the pre-election Russian Facebook ads everyone had their panties in a wad over favored the Left.

As headlined: “CNN Reports Russian Facebook Ads Promoted Black Lives Matter”

The only thing surprising here is that CNN reports this in the first place, but then before giving due credit, we should note they still try to weasel-word their way through their report by slip-shod hints that ‘some people could construe’ when the effect of those ads were NEVER ambiguous or inviting confusion…and definitely aimed at creating chaos.

Breitbart’s John Nolte hits the nail on the head in his reporting:

“Here we are, though, more than a year into the Russian collusion “scandal,” and all we know so far is that Red Peril is guilty of doing what it has been doing in the United States for more than a hundred years — aligning with the American left to foment chaos.” (Bold emphasis added…although probably not needed)

Never let it be said BlueCollar doesn’t have a finger on the pulse…

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