It can’t be just coincidence that ‘radical’ is ‘racial’…when you add a ‘D’

How can this go unmentioned any longer?

In a world where Democrats constantly play the race card to shut down their opponents (no matter the issue), it just seems fitting that ‘radical’ is ‘racial’ – when you add a ‘D’.

Everyone knows the recent violent rioting brought on by the Black-Lives-Matter crowd is a Democrat/Left-fueled construct meant to force opponents into submission. And their deceptive tactics using false police-violence and America-forced-inequality arguments that fuel such anarchy by playing on black victim-hood is despicable…but effective.

So, we find it richly ironic and sadly appropriate (not to mention, based on recent events historically correct) to know it ALWAYS takes a ‘D’…to change ‘racial’ to ‘radical’.

Yet one more example of Life defining Mockery…Democrat-style.


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