Our military are the first responders for Puerto Rico

Anti-Trump detractors better be careful with their rhetoric where the rescue process is concerned for Puerto Rico…being an island, the only solution is a military one, and those who rush to bash the President will also be seen as attacking military efforts.

This is a natural disaster challenge beyond anything Obama or W faced. The island’s governor has given the President high marks on his initial efforts, and he would certainly be in a better position to see what’s going on than the chattering anti-Trumpers in DC.

Being an island, with most of its infrastructure (roads, bridges, power stations, airport landing strips) wiped out, military efforts will require herculean off-shore support until the military engineers can get a foothold, which will speed up the process exponentially.

President Trump’s job is to tell military leaders to do what’s necessary, channel civilian aid where applicable, but otherwise get out of the military’s way and let them work.

Anti-Trumpers who take advantage of this disaster are despicable, and should be told to shut-up, or grab a shovel and cases of water, then head to Puerto Rico themselves.

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