Right-wing anti-Trump’ers continue their charge down Oblivion Lane

Just like clockwork…

Anti-Trump’ers whine the President ‘charged’ into another trap set by Democrats, with his Twitter attacks against FakeNews media and Democrats over the Puerto Rico crisis.

But as we’ve pointed out, the media and Democrats must belittle our American military’s efforts to take their cheap shots against the President, and just as the NFL lost the anti-National Anthem, anti-American Flag battle, they’re gonna lose this one too. Big time.

If this Puerto Rico gambit was a trap…

…by putting themselves in the position of having to bash the American military in order to low-blow President Trump…the Democrats and Fake News sprung it on themselves.

Have they learned nothing since last November? 

Obviously, not. And, if anyone has ‘charged into the Democrats’ trap on Puerto Rico’

…it’s the right wing anti-Trump’ers. No worries, guys, you have plenty of company.

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