The greatest economic growth stories FakeNews won’t report

The reaction to President Trump’s tax plan, is, to say the least…underwhelming.

But, when in doubt…ask – WWKS (what would Kudlow say)?

The argument that the U.S. is doomed to 2 percent or less growth — “secular stagnation” — no matter what we do in terms of tax policy, is nonsense. Across-the-board tax cuts produced 5 percent annual growth during the JFK period. And after tax cuts were fully implemented in 1983, real growth averaged 4.6 percent for the remainder of Reagan’s presidency.(Bold emphasis added)

“Taken together, this plan contains a mountain of incentives…The Republican party has got to win this issue, preferably this year…Play hardball, GOP. JFK did it. Reagan did it. And now you have Donald Trump doing it…” 

Thanks, Mr. Kudlow, for clearing that up for us.

Call your congressman, and your Senators, and tell them to support the plan.

We repeat, for clarity – TELL them.

They work for you.

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