FakeNews trashes our flag and military – what’s next…apple pie and grandma?

Amazing. Anyone bother comparing media retractions to Trump retractions? The same FakeNews media endlessly claiming Trump a liar and inept has retracted one story after another. To date in our recollection, the President hasn’t had to retract a thing, and that sorry excuse for a FakeNews media stumbles from one inept bungled story to another.

Do they even care what American institution they insult, while trying to bring down the President? You would think at least the American flag and military would be sacrosanct but in their Leftist-ideological mind…everything is fair game for their partisan attacks.

They supported the NFL in trashing the American flag, trying to get at him. And, now, they’re attacking him for Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane nightmares? In a previous blog, we noted an island presents unique difficulties only surmountable with a military support effort, and by attacking the President’s efforts they’re attacking our military.

FEMA is led by political appointees, who may or may not be qualified or experienced in mounting the rescue efforts necessary…but our American military is made up of leaders with their careers built on fast action, forward thinking, and getting the job done. They’re facing an herculean task, and deserve America’s support…not FakeNews media scorn.

President Trump should take every opportunity to call out FakeNews for their disgusting mocking and belittling of our military forces’ effort…just to bring him down.

The Left-wing media brought down President Bush’s popularity with Hurricane Katrina, but, unlike in 2005, President Trump has exposed Fake News for what they are. And comparing Mr. Trump’s popularity to media popularity, this won’t end well for the media.

Belittle the President by attacking America military efforts? Use a natural disaster and Puerto Rican suffering to score some cheap shots? Really? We don’t think so.

Continue on that path and this may very well be a Katrina moment…but we predict…

…it’s FakeNews media who will be judged harshly this time.

The only thing left is grandma and apple pie, but, unhh…we forgot, Obamacare’s death panels took grandma down. Oh well, watch your apple pie; they’ll be coming for it soon.

The Nation’s prayers are with you Puerto Rico – we can’t say as much for the media.

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