Uh-oh…is ‘W’ getting set up, again…?

At a Democrat fundraiser, Obama appears to give George W Bush credit for post-9/11 security measures that have, by and large, kept Americans safe from terror…

…but considering his ‘blame Bush for everything’ strategy for 6 years, we can’t help being cynical, and, admittedly, concerned that Obama’s expecting a terror strike…

…and planning to blame those ‘security measures’ if the terrorists succeed.

Of course, he’s been in charge for 6 years, but the media will carefully avoid that fact.


Any ‘business community confidence’ Obama ever had was crony-infested

Talk about not passing the laugh test…

US News & World Report chairman Zuckerman says Obama’s ‘lost the confidence of the business community’ because of his failed economic and monetary policies…

…but how can you lose what you never had?

The only confidence any company had in Obama’s policies were crony-bought with tax exemptions and bailout packages he and Democrats used taxpayer ca$h to provide.

Told you so – using Ferguson shooting to stir up the black vote

Previous posts noted that hysteria over the Michael Brown shooting was intentional.

The fabricated outrage, and character assassination of the police officer involved, was a deliberate construct meant to stir up white-v-black anger, and get out the black vote.

Now, none other than the ultra-liberal NY Times confirms that reality.

The real irony? The article wasted no time noting Ferguson is a 67% black community, “but has mostly white elected leaders”, implying a ‘city official white bias’, of course…

…but then, inexplicably, noted a low 12% voter turnout in the last town election.

So, contrived anger by the black community needs to be directed…at themselves?

An oversize teenager breaks the law; defies the law; attacks the law; and gets killed.

Then, the race-baiters step in, gen up anger against white elected officials and police, in a community where 67% of its citizens are black and got exactly what they voted for

…and somehow this is a white-on-black hate crime that needs to stir up the black vote?


Is a National Terror Alert being muted because of November election jitters?

The DHS website providing Nat’l. Terror Alert status indicates “No Active Alerts”.

Yet it appears a warning bulletin for an imminent attack has been issued to law enforcement agencies, that Islamic terrorists are “planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born (sic) improvised explosive devices (VBIED)”.

They expect the attack against our (what else?) southern border. With 9/11 in 2 weeks, if it happens, ‘big splash’ terror plans bode ill, for large border cities like San Diego.

Sure, there’s a midterm election in two months, but in the eve of Sept 11, you’d think the citizenry would be included in warnings…if strikes are considered as imminent.

Fittingly, it was famed germ-hunter Louis Pasteur who said “In the fields of observation Chance favors only the prepared mind.” Terrorists are the germ that needs hunting now.

Car bombs…vehicle borne explosive devices…America’s citizenry should be warned.

A citizenry forewarned has a better chance…yet “No Active Alerts”? WHY? Elections?

Does being a Democrat mean never having to protect constituents, pre-election?

No time to simply cut a tax…but lotsa time to legislate new, feckless tax laws?

Obama rants against corporations moving offshore, to avoid high taxes, even while his ‘tax-us-more’ buddy Warren Buffet joins in with a ‘whopper-swap to Canada’ deal.

The esteemed Charles Krauthammer weighs in, asking why Obama won’t push real tax reform which takes the burden off corporations, and bring back $billions held offshore.

He notes Obama has had 6 years and done nothing constructive, yet now claims ‘time is short’, and demands new law against inversion…instead of simply reducing the tax.

It’s simple…Obama and Democrats don’t want any real solutions: why eliminate an opportunity to stir up votes while casting Republicans as in the corporate pocket?

Since 1949, Democrats have held the Senate 2-1/2 times longer than Republicans, and held the House 3-1/2 times longer. Thus, they’re disproportionately responsible for the existing tax code which allows deductions, exemptions, and inversion dodges to occur.

Democrats are responsible for setting the world’s highest tax rates corporations dodge.

They created the lie, then blame Republicans for the lie…and cash in at the ballot box.

Dr. Krauthammer knows this.

Democrats don’t want what’s best for America…

…they want what’s best for Democrats.

Does ‘no media polling’ mean lights-out for Democrats?

Some stories are emerging that there may not be a ‘wave election’ year for the GOP.

But, most of that speculation centers on a sudden, mysterious lack of polling.

Rush Limbaugh always says the network polling is to shape opinions, not take them.

If he’s right, and networks suddenly aren’t polling, does that mean midterm prospects are so dim for Democrats that even the media can’t do anything to shape the results?

Patterns of journalistic misbehavior abound…

From Trayvon to ‘Big Mike’, something smells fishy in News-ville…

First, it was NBC editing a Zimmerman tape to make him sound racist, now CNN has an audio-tape that makes it sound like 10 shots were fired when Michael Brown was killed.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who the ‘sexting’ guy is that produced this tape?

Rush Limbaugh hit it out of the park with analysis of the CNN hypocrisy: they claimed they knew of a video showing Brown robbing a store, but initially wouldn’t report it…

…because it hadn’t been authenticated…

…but now, CNN runs this un-authenticated audiotape, without a second thought?

Our bet is the ’10-shot’ audiotape has been dubbed…

…and the ‘sexting stranger’ is a Democrat operative.

Yeah…we see black helicopters overhead all the time.

Tee-time, overtime…in tough situations, the choice defines the man

When the going gets tough, the tough go…golfing…if the ‘tough’ is Barack Obama.

Any other man might have considered spending more time at the office when things got out of hand, but that alternative doesn’t seem too attractive to the Vacationer-in-Chief.

The latest Obama-apologist version? ‘The job is too big for one man.’

But that’s not exactly the way to describe Obama’s failures.

He wasn’t qualified for the job, didn’t have any management experience (unless rabble rouser…err, community organizer…fits in that criteria – which, as we all know, doesn’t), and certainly didn’t have any foreign policy background or expertise to call on.

When the only qualifications to be a candidate for high office are ‘community organizer’, and, “oh, by the way, I’m black”…you know the job is too big…for THIS man.

Then there’s the ‘scoundrel’ factor…’cuz if ‘patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’…

…a scoundrel’s first refuge is ‘race-baiting’.

Liberals and Democrat apologists have it all wrong, when they say Obama’s opposed or criticized because he’s black…it’s his policies that are wrong, not his race…and given the widening income-inequality gap and HUGE unemployment among minorities due to those policies, you would think that for once they would acknowledge those failures.

But that would bring down their house of cards, so a race-baiting veil is needed.

No, Obama’s not opposed because of his race…‘race’ is how he won the job.

Given Obama’s lack of experience for the most important leadership role in the world, they know (even if they won’t admit it publicly) it was his race that got him elected!

Don’t like that statement? Name 1 (serious) qualification that justified his candidacy.

Obama’s lackey…err…Attorney General says Americans are cowards when it comes to an honest conversation about race…BlueCollar has no qualms about that discussion.

The real cowards are those who hide behind race when they can’t defend bad policy…

…or bad presidents.

With programs like Affirmative Action, America lowered the bar for qualification in wide areas of our social structure, with all the consequences such policies invite.

So, what does one expect when an Affirmative Action president is elected?

Lower collegiate standards for a legal education, you get a lousy lawyer…

…lower leadership standards for a president…you get IRS scandals, Fast-&-Furious  failures, economic malaise, illegal immigration disasters…and today’s Middle East.

Obama golfs…because it’s the only thing he feels qualified to do.

Judging by his presidential failures, he’s right.