Tee-time, overtime…in tough situations, the choice defines the man

When the going gets tough, the tough go…golfing…if the ‘tough’ is Barack Obama.

Any other man might have considered spending more time at the office when things got out of hand, but that alternative doesn’t seem too attractive to the Vacationer-in-Chief.

The latest Obama-apologist version? ‘The job is too big for one man.’

But that’s not exactly the way to describe Obama’s failures.

He wasn’t qualified for the job, didn’t have any management experience (unless rabble rouser…err, community organizer…fits in that criteria – which, as we all know, doesn’t), and certainly didn’t have any foreign policy background or expertise to call on.

When the only qualifications to be a candidate for high office are ‘community organizer’, and, “oh, by the way, I’m black”…you know the job is too big…for THIS man.

Then there’s the ‘scoundrel’ factor…’cuz if ‘patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’…

…a scoundrel’s first refuge is ‘race-baiting’.

Liberals and Democrat apologists have it all wrong, when they say Obama’s opposed or criticized because he’s black…it’s his policies that are wrong, not his race…and given the widening income-inequality gap and HUGE unemployment among minorities due to those policies, you would think that for once they would acknowledge those failures.

But that would bring down their house of cards, so a race-baiting veil is needed.

No, Obama’s not opposed because of his race…‘race’ is how he won the job.

Given Obama’s lack of experience for the most important leadership role in the world, they know (even if they won’t admit it publicly) it was his race that got him elected!

Don’t like that statement? Name 1 (serious) qualification that justified his candidacy.

Obama’s lackey…err…Attorney General says Americans are cowards when it comes to an honest conversation about race…BlueCollar has no qualms about that discussion.

The real cowards are those who hide behind race when they can’t defend bad policy…

…or bad presidents.

With programs like Affirmative Action, America lowered the bar for qualification in wide areas of our social structure, with all the consequences such policies invite.

So, what does one expect when an Affirmative Action president is elected?

Lower collegiate standards for a legal education, you get a lousy lawyer…

…lower leadership standards for a president…you get IRS scandals, Fast-&-Furious  failures, economic malaise, illegal immigration disasters…and today’s Middle East.

Obama golfs…because it’s the only thing he feels qualified to do.

Judging by his presidential failures, he’s right.

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