Told you so – using Ferguson shooting to stir up the black vote

Previous posts noted that hysteria over the Michael Brown shooting was intentional.

The fabricated outrage, and character assassination of the police officer involved, was a deliberate construct meant to stir up white-v-black anger, and get out the black vote.

Now, none other than the ultra-liberal NY Times confirms that reality.

The real irony? The article wasted no time noting Ferguson is a 67% black community, “but has mostly white elected leaders”, implying a ‘city official white bias’, of course…

…but then, inexplicably, noted a low 12% voter turnout in the last town election.

So, contrived anger by the black community needs to be directed…at themselves?

An oversize teenager breaks the law; defies the law; attacks the law; and gets killed.

Then, the race-baiters step in, gen up anger against white elected officials and police, in a community where 67% of its citizens are black and got exactly what they voted for

…and somehow this is a white-on-black hate crime that needs to stir up the black vote?


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