Easiest way to judge a debate…identify GLARING LIES – & Hidin’ Biden OWNED that category

What issues Joe Biden didn’t lie about during last night’s debate, he flat refused to discuss at all – from banning fracking, to law and order, to Supreme Court packing.

Refused to answer. And, then, of course, there’s the lying…

…from taxes to the economy to the Charlottesville lie, Joe Biden demonstrated he is well established as the titular head of a political Party steeped in deceit and dishonesty.

“Antifa is not an organization, it’s an idea”? Hey, Joe, when was the last time you saw an ‘idea’ set fires to businesses, destroy communities, or burn police vehicles?

He knows that Trump’s ‘$750 tax’ lie was really a filing fee paid to the IRS. He knows Donald Trump disavowed white supremacists before stating that, on the issue of tearing down statues during Charlottesville unrest, there were very fine people on both sides.

Joe Biden knows about the millions his son took from Russia, China, and Ukraine. He knows Obama (and he) often said offshored jobs weren’t coming back, and that Obama stated Trump would need a magic wand; their Democrat economy was a new normal.

He knows the Trump economic gains ARE the result of TRUMP policies. But none of it matters if he won’t be held to account for the lies, when a ‘moderator’ won’t allow those lies be forcefully, irrefutably debunked immediately…thus allowing such lies to stand.

Paraphrasing one of his senatorial colleagues: Joe, DECEIT lives loudly within you.

Protesting…’cuz they have NO GROUNDS to protest…? No worries…lying media has their back

Ask yourself why they’re willing to fall for the hysteria…EVERYTIME?

Witnesses to the March Breonna Taylor shooting event corroborate police testimony.

It wasn’t a no-knock police action; they knocked and identified themselves at the door; they breached the door when no response; they were fired upon by a resident…

…they returned fire – unfortunately killing Breonna Taylor.

A police officer was wounded before they returned fire.

But no doubt MEDIA-driven lies and misreporting will continue.

Begs the question, though: why isn’t the shooter being held to account by the mobs who are so ready to blame cops, yet ignore the fact that the shooter escalated the situation?

Never fails: seems like every police action is considered ‘brutality’ when a black person is on the receiving end…but inevitably it turns out 99.99% of the actions were justified.

Can’t let that stop a useful riot and black outrage, though…especially just before there’s a presidential election where the Democrats seem to be hemorrhaging black support.

Cue the unjustified protests and rioting…anything to stoke anti-Trump sentiment.

Bottom-line: annually, you can count unjustified police killings of black victims on fingers of ONE hand…but THOUSANDS are killed annually in Big City black-on-black violence.

But, yeah…yeah…police brutality – that’s the ticket. 

So, we’ve got dishonest media and useful idiots…both deserving a prize for loathsome, but considering that an honest media reporting FACTS up-front could calm the waters…

…the Grand Prize for VILE simply must be awarded to…LIBedia.

Hands Down – the very real, dangerous ENEMY of the American people.

Post-Kavanaugh smearing…SCOTUS nominees go thru private 1-on-1 meetings, why hold public hearings?

First, let’s dispense with the ‘Merrick Garland hypocrisy’ meme against the GOP. He was nominated by Obama…the Republican-held Senate refused to consider him.

The Constitution doesn’t guarantee a Senate vote, just that they will provide advice and consent on a President’s nominations: They ‘advised’…but withheld ‘consent’

…where’s the hypocrisy?

It’s almost as if Democrats would’ve preferred that Garland suffer the humiliation that they have so often provided against Republican-nominated SCOTUS candidates.

For all their ‘hypocrisy’ wailing now, it’s only given credence by their lapdog LIBedia.

That being stated, there’s other considerations here as well.

A disgraceful attempt by Democrats to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life during the public hearing process in the Senate begs the question: why reward disgusting behavior?

Unfounded allegations and scurrilous ad hominem attacks were the order of the day for a Democrat Party presenting for all to see how low they would go to score points at the expense of a sterling representative of the judicial system…why encourage such acts?

Supreme Court nominees go through a one-on-one interview process with senators to discuss their qualifications prior to any confirmation vote: no public spectacle is needed.

Besides, top candidates (Barrett, Lagoa) went through Senate hearings already, as they were subjected to confirmation process for Circuit Court nominations in 2017 & 2019.

Hearings are unnecessary…except that Democrats want the smear opportunity.

Announce the nominee, provide 3 weeks for interviews with senators, giving Democrats the first chance to schedule meeting the nominee, thus eliminating more bad behavior in a public setting that gives opponent Party members another chance to grand-stand.

The clock starts Saturday – the day the President promised an announced nominee.

Stiffen the spine, Republicans. Our Constitution is on your side.

As Obama once said…’elections have consequences’…& their unbridled, viciously unfair attack on Kavanaugh justifies going straight to a vote

Elections DO have consequences, and Donald Trump being elected was an indication that normal Americans had tired of an elite Swamp playing their unaccountable games.

Forget the Democrat hand-wringing over nominating someone for the Supreme Court vacancy with less than 50 days to an election…gov’t doesn’t shutdown on that basis.

Who honestly thinks Presidents shouldn’t do their job THROUGHOUT their term? And if Democrats controlled the Senate and White House, would they hesitate to act?

Of course not. And we have leading Democrat politicians who made that point.

Remember? In 2016, when pushing to fill Antonin Scalia’s recently vacated seat, VP Biden AND President Obama AND candidate Hillary Clinton AND Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminded Congress & the American people that it was the Senate’s duty to follow the Constitution and NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION TO DO IT.

As for hearings on the nominee, the scandalous mistreatment of Kavanaugh makes that suggestion a NON-STARTER. Democrats paid a price for the way they attacked him, and set the standard for insisting on a straight-away call to vote…without a hearing.

Democrats brought all this on themselves.

They viciously attacked the last nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, without any evidence of wrongdoings they accused him of perpetrating, demonstrating they are not willing to conduct hearings in a responsible and honest fashion. Democrat Harry Reid invoked the ‘nuclear option’ which eliminated the need for a 60-vote confirmation process.

And now, Democrat Chuck Schumer is threatening violence on the streets, and vowing to ‘pack the Supreme Court’ with more justices if they ever regain the Senate.

What does the President (and Republican Senate) have to lose?

Our U.S. Constitution lays out responsibilities for Executive and Legislative branches to perform, without any qualifications regarding how close to an election they may be.

A 9-seat Supreme Court guarantees there will not be a Constitutional crisis with a dead-locked (4-4) result, if there are any SCOTUS hearings on election issues to be heard.

Put forth the nominee, and let the process be carried out…PROPERLY.

Democrats putting the focus on Party, not person, may be its downfall

Have elite Democrats miscalculated, advancing an unfit candidate for President?

For decades, Democrats practiced the art of ‘personality politics’ that was a very sound strategy for them…burnishing their candidate’s image while destroying the opposition’s.

It made people focus on the person, and not the Party: a sound strategy for them, since it’s become increasingly difficult to hide the fact they’re a disgrace in the issue category.

They’ve evolved into the Hate-America-&-Its-Founding crowd, brought to an inevitable conclusion first with Obama’s apology tour abroad, his anti-police rhetoric at home, and now devolved into violence…rioting, looting, and business-burning in Democrat cities.

Important for them, to focus on individual candidates, not bleak Democrat Party vision.

As for Democrat voters, it seemed okay to go along…even though Party issues enacted often were in direct contradiction to the individual Democrat candidate’s promises.

So long as they kept operating on ‘personality politics’ it was easy to maintain illusions.

This writer became aware of their ‘policies-v-promises’ disconnect while serving in the Marine Corps from 1968 through 1972. Upon (honorable) discharge, faced with an upcoming presidential election, disenchantment with Democrat policies loomed large.

One thing was certain – candidate promises never survived first contact with Party ideology: it was obvious Party ideology was the primary determining factor in voting.

ACTUAL government policy hardly ever follows ‘personality’…it always follows ideology.

Looking at the two major parties (then), one Party supported Big Government, high taxes, and entitlement programs…the other Party supported Business and merit.

Big Gov’t, high taxes, and entitlement programs are a drag on economies; business drives America, and is foundational to the success of Americans as individuals.

That’s the Party this writer has supported ever since – the Republican Party.

Taking personality out of the equation is the most important decision a voter can achieve; it places all emphasis squarely on what becomes enacted gov’t policy.

(After all, what good is voting for a pro-Life or pro-gun Democrat, when the Party as a whole always pushes legislation that supports and advances abortion and gun control?)

So, this latest Democrat tactic putting a mentally unfit Biden front-&-center may well blow up in their faces, forcing their voters to focus on Party, rather than on the person…

…but that Party’s become anti-constitution and pro-lawlessness, to push an agenda.

To this day, they refuse to accept the 2016 election outcome.

At the end of the day, can an honest Democrat voter accept the rioting and looting that their Party leaders not just condone, but verbally encourage? Can they accept a Party that is actually pushing for abortion that includes allowing newborns to die unattended?

Do honest Democrats want to defund police and shred our Constitution…the document that assures our personal liberties won’t be trampled by an out-of-control Government?

Forcing Democrat voters to support Party, not a person, will require Herculean efforts…

…as they realize the Democrat Party has become the Party of death, & destruction.

Nominating Ole Joe as their candidate may yet prove to be their downfall, in November.

Until they can pretty-up violence, rioting & looting…civil war is a far-fetched prediction

Have some faith in America, people.

Those saying a U.S. civil war is imminent need to take a deep breath and calm down.

To engage in a civil war of any magnitude requires both sides believing they have a just cause for their actions…imagine the effort to make violent riots and looting look ‘just’.

If anything, dark warnings of imminent civil war are just the Left’s latest effort to try suppressing pro-Drain-the-Swamp American voters before November rolls around.

It won’t work.

How does an anti-Law&Order message resonate with honest people? Most people see efforts to put lipstick on a pig as futile…trying to justify antiLaw&Order is not possible.

Now, it may be that a certain number of people are wishful thinking when it comes to such dire predictions as a looming Civil War in America’s future, but it just doesn’t work.

Civil unrest?

Sure…we have that now – but it’s a small percentage of people that are in that mode (for whatever reasons) and it defies imagination to think it will grow beyond what it is.

They tried – they failed: polling shows as they get more hysterical and violent, support for any message they may be claiming to champion is lessening…proportionately.

Polling shows a) the vast majority of this Nation supports law enforcement; b) violence is turning off the electorate; and c) the majority believe in American greatness.

Efforts to push America into a civil war will end badly, and be suicidal for those who try.

Next time someone claims a civil war is imminent, ask if it’s wishful thinking on their part, because plain old American logic and common sense dictates otherwise.

(And, very politely…you might suggest those believing such claims seek help.)

Until they can pretty-up violence, rioting & looting…civil war is a far-fetched prediction.

There’s just not enough lipstick to put on that pig.

Wun Flu over the Cuckoo Nest…brought to you by power-mad Left & media elites

WuFlu positive test results are meaningless; death totals are bogus; masks don’t work; lock-downs are ineffective; America’s NOT threatened…unless you follow LIBedia.

Total deaths in America year-to-date are BELOW 5-year averages, according to CDC.

These are irrefutable facts, people.

They’re so desperate to overthrow Trump they’ll destroy an economy to do it; they’ll keep Americans in a constant state of panic to do it; they’ll push ANY lie to do it…

…they’ll turn America into a WuFlu cuckoo’s nest to do it…

…all they need is your willingness to continue accepting their lies.

They’ve taken a seasonal flu, turned it into Black Death, added hysterical reporting over every positive case, and turned Americans into cowering, quivering mounds of flesh.

This hasn’t been ‘science’ driven…it’s been politically driven. If we allow their efforts to succeed, we expose ourselves to this manner of manipulation EVERY FLU SEASON.

Stop it now, or accept your place…in their unending, flu-fearing Cuckoo’s Nest.