Democrats putting the focus on Party, not person, may be its downfall

Have elite Democrats miscalculated, advancing an unfit candidate for President?

For decades, Democrats practiced the art of ‘personality politics’ that was a very sound strategy for them…burnishing their candidate’s image while destroying the opposition’s.

It made people focus on the person, and not the Party: a sound strategy for them, since it’s become increasingly difficult to hide the fact they’re a disgrace in the issue category.

They’ve evolved into the Hate-America-&-Its-Founding crowd, brought to an inevitable conclusion first with Obama’s apology tour abroad, his anti-police rhetoric at home, and now devolved into violence…rioting, looting, and business-burning in Democrat cities.

Important for them, to focus on individual candidates, not bleak Democrat Party vision.

As for Democrat voters, it seemed okay to go along…even though Party issues enacted often were in direct contradiction to the individual Democrat candidate’s promises.

So long as they kept operating on ‘personality politics’ it was easy to maintain illusions.

This writer became aware of their ‘policies-v-promises’ disconnect while serving in the Marine Corps from 1968 through 1972. Upon (honorable) discharge, faced with an upcoming presidential election, disenchantment with Democrat policies loomed large.

One thing was certain – candidate promises never survived first contact with Party ideology: it was obvious Party ideology was the primary determining factor in voting.

ACTUAL government policy hardly ever follows ‘personality’…it always follows ideology.

Looking at the two major parties (then), one Party supported Big Government, high taxes, and entitlement programs…the other Party supported Business and merit.

Big Gov’t, high taxes, and entitlement programs are a drag on economies; business drives America, and is foundational to the success of Americans as individuals.

That’s the Party this writer has supported ever since – the Republican Party.

Taking personality out of the equation is the most important decision a voter can achieve; it places all emphasis squarely on what becomes enacted gov’t policy.

(After all, what good is voting for a pro-Life or pro-gun Democrat, when the Party as a whole always pushes legislation that supports and advances abortion and gun control?)

So, this latest Democrat tactic putting a mentally unfit Biden front-&-center may well blow up in their faces, forcing their voters to focus on Party, rather than on the person…

…but that Party’s become anti-constitution and pro-lawlessness, to push an agenda.

To this day, they refuse to accept the 2016 election outcome.

At the end of the day, can an honest Democrat voter accept the rioting and looting that their Party leaders not just condone, but verbally encourage? Can they accept a Party that is actually pushing for abortion that includes allowing newborns to die unattended?

Do honest Democrats want to defund police and shred our Constitution…the document that assures our personal liberties won’t be trampled by an out-of-control Government?

Forcing Democrat voters to support Party, not a person, will require Herculean efforts…

…as they realize the Democrat Party has become the Party of death, & destruction.

Nominating Ole Joe as their candidate may yet prove to be their downfall, in November.

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