Until they can pretty-up violence, rioting & looting…civil war is a far-fetched prediction

Have some faith in America, people.

Those saying a U.S. civil war is imminent need to take a deep breath and calm down.

To engage in a civil war of any magnitude requires both sides believing they have a just cause for their actions…imagine the effort to make violent riots and looting look ‘just’.

If anything, dark warnings of imminent civil war are just the Left’s latest effort to try suppressing pro-Drain-the-Swamp American voters before November rolls around.

It won’t work.

How does an anti-Law&Order message resonate with honest people? Most people see efforts to put lipstick on a pig as futile…trying to justify antiLaw&Order is not possible.

Now, it may be that a certain number of people are wishful thinking when it comes to such dire predictions as a looming Civil War in America’s future, but it just doesn’t work.

Civil unrest?

Sure…we have that now – but it’s a small percentage of people that are in that mode (for whatever reasons) and it defies imagination to think it will grow beyond what it is.

They tried – they failed: polling shows as they get more hysterical and violent, support for any message they may be claiming to champion is lessening…proportionately.

Polling shows a) the vast majority of this Nation supports law enforcement; b) violence is turning off the electorate; and c) the majority believe in American greatness.

Efforts to push America into a civil war will end badly, and be suicidal for those who try.

Next time someone claims a civil war is imminent, ask if it’s wishful thinking on their part, because plain old American logic and common sense dictates otherwise.

(And, very politely…you might suggest those believing such claims seek help.)

Until they can pretty-up violence, rioting & looting…civil war is a far-fetched prediction.

There’s just not enough lipstick to put on that pig.

6 thoughts on “Until they can pretty-up violence, rioting & looting…civil war is a far-fetched prediction

  1. You almost make it sounds like after all of this rioting, vandalism and arson is over, however long that will take, if ever, things will return to normal. The leftist indoctrinators touting communism and “social justice” will disappear. The MSM and social networks will cease all censorship and discrimination based upon political or religious views. None of this will happen and you know it. You are either part of the problem or you don’t fully understand what “by any means necessary” means. The left obviously believes to the fullest extent what they have put forth and the right has finally realized what is going on and intends to stop them. This can never be done permanently at the ballot box…Or is it mail box these days ??

  2. Civil war requires opposing sides to be organized. It’s clear that dark money has helped greatly in organizing rioters, but they really lack a common cause. As for the other side, conservatives and independent thinkers have taken no apparent steps to organize against the rioters, instead adopting the usual right-wing approach of sitting on their hands and waiting to see what develops.

    So, while civil war may not be imminent, we can expect a vast increase in rioting, arson, looting and attacks on innocent people. Soros, Obama and their globalist comrades are solidly intent on bringing the USA to its knees.

  3. ‘Civil War’ was the issue…we never implied that their funded civil unrest would stop – simply that it couldn’t generate the civil war they hope to achieve. Addressing the violent unrest with full-&-aggressive prosecution of law against perpetrators is crucial to fundamental law-&-order.

  4. Why do you think civil war is their goal? In my mind, their goal is overthrow and takeover of the system. That does not require civil war when you: weaken and corrupt police and military, infiltrate government agencies, infiltrate the education system, infiltrate and control media, infiltrate and control the judiciary, attack religion and free speech, attack and weaken gun rights.

    If they were trying for a shooting war, every last one of them would be dead in a week and they know it. Instead, they have made it such that you will be fired from your job for saying “all lives matter.” Their aim is a culture war and they are definitely winning. We can’t even get our elected governments to stop the rioting and looting.

  5. Our point was they know they can’t start a civil war, that their ‘civil war’ speculation in that regard is meant to create fear & suppress voting that might result in an outcome they DON’T WANT.

    Your other points are well stated, & their intent is to create fear of reprisal for standing up for what’s right.


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