Post-Kavanaugh smearing…SCOTUS nominees go thru private 1-on-1 meetings, why hold public hearings?

First, let’s dispense with the ‘Merrick Garland hypocrisy’ meme against the GOP. He was nominated by Obama…the Republican-held Senate refused to consider him.

The Constitution doesn’t guarantee a Senate vote, just that they will provide advice and consent on a President’s nominations: They ‘advised’…but withheld ‘consent’

…where’s the hypocrisy?

It’s almost as if Democrats would’ve preferred that Garland suffer the humiliation that they have so often provided against Republican-nominated SCOTUS candidates.

For all their ‘hypocrisy’ wailing now, it’s only given credence by their lapdog LIBedia.

That being stated, there’s other considerations here as well.

A disgraceful attempt by Democrats to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life during the public hearing process in the Senate begs the question: why reward disgusting behavior?

Unfounded allegations and scurrilous ad hominem attacks were the order of the day for a Democrat Party presenting for all to see how low they would go to score points at the expense of a sterling representative of the judicial system…why encourage such acts?

Supreme Court nominees go through a one-on-one interview process with senators to discuss their qualifications prior to any confirmation vote: no public spectacle is needed.

Besides, top candidates (Barrett, Lagoa) went through Senate hearings already, as they were subjected to confirmation process for Circuit Court nominations in 2017 & 2019.

Hearings are unnecessary…except that Democrats want the smear opportunity.

Announce the nominee, provide 3 weeks for interviews with senators, giving Democrats the first chance to schedule meeting the nominee, thus eliminating more bad behavior in a public setting that gives opponent Party members another chance to grand-stand.

The clock starts Saturday – the day the President promised an announced nominee.

Stiffen the spine, Republicans. Our Constitution is on your side.

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