Demographic numbers speak for themselves…Free ain’t free

We received a little negative feedback over our ‘Free is never free’ post, and it would appear a little remedial lesson in some basic mathematics, plus logic, is in order.

We noted that ‘free for all’ socialism programs hurt those most vulnerable: low-income and the poor, and the younger Millennials just starting out in the job/business market.

Most of the negativity addressed Millennials who would benefit from a Bernie-Sanders ‘free education, student-loan forgiveness’ boon if he were to get elected president. They point out (rightly) that across-the board price hikes on everyday products and services would not match the massive tens of thousands in student-loan debt they’d dodge.

But, they forget that the student-loan crowd is just a small part of a larger demographic of the young Millennials, low-income, and poor that would be hit hardest by price hikes.

Sure, those who may dodge a student-loan bullet benefit greatly, but they seem willing to give no thought to the massive amount of vulnerable hurt by resulting price hikes.

And, they’re also oblivious to the fact a trillions-of-dollars free healthcare concept will also contribute to serious price hikes on many goods and services, while providing minimal benefits to the youth who, historically, are the least consumers of healthcare.

(And don’t even get us started on the resulting rationed services and death-panels.)

Bottom-Line: Numbers don’t lie.

We reiterate…Free ain’t free.

Socialists of the Nation…think again.

What reform will stop FBI lying on FISA warrants, or judges accepting lies with no proper foundation?

Seriously, as the kerfuffle over our FISA process mushrooms, it behooves everyone to remember that the problem was deep-state partisan liars…and judges accepting lies.


…liars will lie; the only firewall is a proper judiciary that demands essential proof that probable cause exists…even stricter proof where political campaigns are involved.

  • Why didn’t FISC judges ask essential questions regarding the Steele dirt-dossier?
    • Who were sources; why was second- and third-hand rumor being relied on?
    • Why was an opposition research document the basis of surveil applications?
    • Specifically, which political opponents funded the opposition research?

Essential questions of such a basic judiciary nature would’ve managed to stop this sad HOAX in its tracks…it’s not rocket science; an objective judiciary would have sufficed.

Everyone knows a regular court would never accept such hearsay as probable cause…

…let alone a FISA court in place to stop exactly this kind of abuse.

FISA doesn’t need reform…the judges who abused the system need to be removed…

…and stripped of their qualifications to ever serve in a legal/judicial capacity.

Liars will lie; abusers will abuse…

…and when the public trust is involved, such acts by public officials are especially egregious. In the FISA process, abusing a citizen’s rights demands a strong response.

The only recourse is swift and harsh PROSECUTION of the liars and abusers.

Uhhh…hey, Millennials…’free’ is NEVER free…use your common sense

A very basic lesson in common sense would cure the ‘love-socialism’ crowd.

But, first, as reported at FoxNews…

“New study may shed light on why young voters are flocking to Bernie Sanders”

Citing a TIAA report, the article suggests Millennials largely support the Bernie ‘free-for-all’ Socialism message because of burdensome student-loan debt and healthcare costs.

“The TIAA Institute report noted that one of the key findings is that only “16 percent of millennials qualify as financially literate by correctly answering three basic questions assessing fundamental financial concepts.” Burns said the problem is a lack of education. Basic financial literacy might make young voters think twice before supporting Sanders.” Let that sink in – only 16% of Millennials are financially literate.

Is it any wonder financially illiterate voters will flock to ‘free-everything’ messages? But the real tragedy is they don’t realize NOTHING as promised is really free. Why?

Government makes nothing…it’s existence relies on taking money from elsewhere.

When gov’t takes away from the private sector (through taxation, regulation, fees, etc), that take-away increases business costs, which business offsets…by raising prices.

Food prices, utility prices, gas-pump prices, clothing prices, cell-phone prices…they all go up when the business that provides that good/service is forced to raise their prices.

(Visualize owning a business: your costs increase by taxes, etc…what would you do? Accept increased costs, and resulting loss of profitability, or protect your bottom line?)

Those thinking they got something for free are hurt the worse, by this stealth taxation, while the politicians who make illusory promises blithely ignore that crucial factoid.

The TIAA report says Millennials embrace socialism because they fail three Financial Literacy tests questions: interest-rate, interest rate-v-inflation, & stock diversification (questions found at the bottom of page 5 of the TIAA report as footnotes 4, 5, and 6).

We believe their flawed socialism-embrace boils down to one even more basic issue…

…Millennials think taxing only higher-income product providers is a ‘zero-sum’ game, and those taxed never make efforts to offset the tax-burden by raising costs…on all.

That’s where Millennials are wrong – ‘free’ is NEVER free…

…and those hurt worse are the very people Socialists like Sanders claim to be helping.

If just that one basic fact could be made to sink in, Millennials would run from Socialism.

“American satisfaction with US position in world nears 2-decade high”

As reported at…

“Americans are more satisfied with the status of the U.S. in the world today than they have been since 2003, a jump largely owed to Republicans, according to a new Gallup poll. About 53 percent of Americans are satisfied with the global position of the U.S., the poll, released Thursday found.

But the assessment of the country’s position in the world is starkly different between the political parties: Republicans expressed a high level — 85 percent — of satisfaction, while just 19 percent of Democrats said they were satisfied. Independents’ satisfaction edged up slightly to 48 percent.”

“…just 19 percent of Democrats said they were satisfied…”? Seriously?

What part of regaining our position as a world leader is unsatisfactory to Democrats?

What part of holding Iran, Russia et al accountable is unsatisfactory to Democrats?


Of course the Dems cancelled FISA-abuse hearings…darkness hides all sins

Surprise, surprise…as reported at The Federalist: “Nadler Cancels Judiciary Hearing On FISA Reform, Avoids Bipartisan Amendments” Who didn’t see that coming?

The last thing Democrats want is a glaring spotlight on their activities.

But, consider the irony here: a Democrat-run JUDICIARY committee, meant to oversee legality of issues as conducted by Federal agencies, doesn’t want to provide oversight.





Doing the people’s work? NOT HARDLY.

When was the last time Democrats avoided hearings of Republican-led agencies? The short answer – NEVER…unless ugly skullduggery of their own might be revealed.

For all they rant of Executive branch wrongdoing, they’re suddenly reluctant to expose or discuss the issue now? There can only be one reason: truth hurts them politically. 

Which tells us all we need to know about what transpired before & after 2016 elections.

45 should take extra billions Congress gives him to fight virus, & use it on border wall

They can pass whatever funding they’d like, so what’s their problem?

Democrats in Congress think Pres Trump isn’t doing enough, or asking for enough funding to throw at the efforts to fight the Coronavirus, so 45 should call their bluff…

…take the extra cash they throw out there and use it to build the border wall.

After all, controlling who arrives in this country is integral to the anti-virus effort.


Guess what in-demand product “costs one-tenth of what it did 15 years ago”

Natural gas…crushing wind & solar power: Why isn’t anyone talking about it?”

At “The U.S. Energy Information Administration just announced some spectacular news that should be banner headlines across the country: The price of natural gas has fallen to its lowest February level in 20 years. The data shows that natural gas prices fell to $1.77 per million British thermal units. In inflation-adjusted terms, the price of gas has plunged by some 80 percent since its high of $13.60 12 years ago. The price is down 90 percent since 2005, when prices hit nearly $20. (Quick: Can you think of anything else that now costs one-tenth of what it did 15 years ago?)”

Only the heavily invested…and their useful idiot base…cling to a Green energy HOAX.

(And don’t forget foreign energy-exporter nations: Russia, wanting to keep natural gas prices artificially high to support an otherwise anemic domestic economies, & Middle East nations, who once held us hostage while back-dooring dollars to terrorism.)

“America is now the Saudi Arabia of natural gas…we are exporting more throughout the world than at any previous time in our history…a decade ago, we were importing natural gas. Thanks to fracking and horizontal drilling technologies that keep getting more and more efficient, we now have hundreds of years of supply of this fuel.” (emphasis added)

THAT’S why the Green energy crowd’s dead-set against fracking; as natural gas prices go down, the comparative cost of their idiot windmill/solar energy generation becomes increasingly non-competitive…nations like Russia can’t overcharge for energy; nations in the Middle East no longer have a strangle-hold on our energy-reliant economy.

Plus, think of the emerging nations and how they benefit from the reduced energy costs that contribute a HUGE jump-start to their fledgling industrial sectors…and how their struggling citizenry benefit from reduced utility costs. Rising tides lift ALL boats.

Only the most ill-informed…or heavily invested…can keep touting Green programs, when you think of the obvious benefits carbon-based natural gas provides:

  • CO2 is a life-giving element crucial to the environment, and it’s current level is 1/4 to 1/10 of what it was earlier in history, often when the environment thrived;
  • Low Cost energy is a vital element of emerging nation prosperity;
  • Our reduction of carbon emissions due to nat’l gas use is greatly enhanced;
  • We no longer rely on the Middle East for energy;
  • America’s leading-edge extraction technology makes us globally competitive;
  • No Other Nation Has Done More To Reduce World-Wide Poverty…

…why would anyone want to stall that kind of U.S. progress with Green pipedreams?

Easy answer…when money- or power-grabbing is involved, some will do anything.

Seriously – Why isn’t the story of our natural gas success Front-Page News?

The answers are ugly…self-serving…and dangerous.