Over-playing the race-card just blew up in their face

Listening to the endless epithets of ‘racism’ thrown at President Trump every time he reveals someone’s wrongdoing, more and more people are realizing Trump’s right.

He’s revealed FakeNews for what the mainstream media is; he’s revealed opponent Democrats for the election-hoaxsters they are; now, he’s disemboweled race-hustlers.

For decades, their go-to strategy when faced with rightful criticism is to hurl accusations of racism, homophobia, misogynistic, or xenophobic behavior to obscure the obvious…

…that such rightful criticisms can’t be answered or refuted honestly.

Now, it’s all falling apart for Democrats. Is it any wonder they rant against his tweets?

Far from demonizing Trump, Democrat ankle-biters are exposing themselves. We can only hope that the (generally spineless) Republicans finally take a page out of his book.

This is epic, folks.

As the inestimable Roger Kimball notes today at American Greatness:

“Public discourse in America has long been held hostage to a species of racist moral blackmail that has made it almost impossible to tell the truth about many central social realities. Trump opened the window on that paralyzing darkness when he dared to violate the taboo against criticizing failure when it happened to be presided over by blacks. But to do so is not racist. In fact, it is anti-racist, because it dares to hold everyone, blacks as well as whites, to the same standard.”

“Trump was elected partly because he was “politically incorrect”: he dared to bring the engine of common sense to bear against the malodorous carapace of left-wing ideology…he has been the first chief executive in a very long time to have the rough courage to challenge the entrenched, sclerotic establishment that promulgates an agenda of dependency in order to protect its power and perquisites, surrounding the whole with the sleepless sentinels of politically correct interdiction. “

“Rough courage” – we need more of that in our elected representatives.

Playing a race-card when accused, using their ‘moral blackmail’ of any type, exposes the accused as guilty. This is huge, erasing decades of abuse. We owe that to him.

He’s twitter-paved the way. Those being morally blackmailed? Emulate the master.

Thank you, Mr. President.

…and, in a rare case of judicial common sense…

“Judge dismisses DNC suit against Trump campaign, Russia over email hack”

Why a ‘rare’ case of common sense? It was a Democrat-appointed judge.

(We don’t know if the judge pointed out that our federal law enforcement agencies were not allowed access to the supposed ‘hacked’ Democrat servers, and thus a necessary [and fundamental] chain-of-evidence legal requirement could never be established.)

The glaring hoax-elements just keep on piling up.

Jamestown learned the failures of Socialism 400 years ago

One of the first settlements of Europeans in America was Jamestown, where socialism was practiced until many learned its failure…communal practices beget, well, misery.

“Phillip A. Bruce, a late 19th century US historian, wrote of the Jamestown immigrants, “The settlers did not have even a modified interest in the soil … . Everything produced by them went into the store, in which they had no proprietorship.” The result as Bruce wrote would be what anyone who has any knowledge of human nature would expect, men, even the most energetic, refused to work.” (bold, u/l emphasis added)

When men were given property, and kept products of their own labor, that changed.

“Jamestown changed course just two years later in 1611 with arrival of the ‘high marshall’ Sir Thomas Dale from the UK. He understood the problem, freed the settlers by abrogating communal ownership. Each man received three acres of land and, other than a lump sum tax of 2 ½ barrels of corn, did not have to contribute anything to the common pool. The colony immediately began to prosper. It prospered because each individual directly benefited by his labour and knew that he would also bear the full consequences of any reduction in output. Private ownership and capitalism worked.”

“Communism doesn’t work because it destroys the reward and work nexus; because the absence of property rights heralds the end of all incentive to produce; and because humans do not wish to sacrifice themselves to the common good.” 

(all bold emphasis added)

The first democratic legislative body was established in 1619. The rest is history.

“Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” (Geo. Santayana)

Democrat voters need to wake up and smell the failure.

Shouldn’t white descendants of those who fought to end slavery get reparations too?

Questions for the ‘reparations’ crowd of Democrat hopefuls…

Arguably half of the hundreds of thousands who died in the Civil War were fighting to end slavery…shouldn’t their descendants (including Betsy Ross’s) get reparations?

After all, those Civil War dead were against the institution, and gave all fighting it.

(Hey, Kaepernick…Betsy Ross was one of the first outspoken anti-slavery activists.)

Then there’s the little-discussed fact that some blacks fought for the South. Surely, if they fought to continue slavery, their descendants shouldn’t qualify for reparations?

Or, like so many other Democrat programs…is reparations just another crony sinkhole to funnel cash to their buddies…and scrape some off for themselves in the process?

(Consider questions about billions to Baltimore, Haiti, Puerto Rico et al…and, is it any surprise that in every case, it seems Democrat hands are in the big-$$ cookie jar?)

Reparations are an insult to the hundreds of thousands who fought to end slavery, and to justify it by claiming descendants are forced to live in better conditions is ludicrous.

(Don’t take our word for it – Google ‘African nation economies’ and see for yourself.)

BlueCollar has been outspoken against this crazy reparations ploy from the beginning.

But it doesn’t hurt to tweak the vote-whores using political expediency to push for it.

Unlawful legislative extortion…California-style

The governor of California has signed legislation requiring presidential candidates yield 5 years of tax returns in order to be placed on the state’s national election ballot.

It’s unconstitutional, interfering with Federal election law. The Supreme Court will agree.

Beyond that, it’s Democrat extortion of the lowest kind. But to hurt Trump…who cares?

And, consider this: for decades, Donald Trump paid his taxes under Democrat-created tax law, and while residing and operating within the Democrat stronghold of New York.

If there were anything illegal, and with his enemies, it would’ve been exposed long ago.

There’s no LEGITIMATE or Constitutionally provided reason for this now. What Gavin Newsom has done is naked power-abuse, using elected office to harass the President.

The governor of California swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, not shred it.

The Supreme Court will negate Newsom’s act…California citizenry should negate him.

2 questions you won’t hear CNN moderators ask at Democrat debates

The debates will be held tonight and tomorrow night.

If disgusting, unhealthy living conditions for Americans were really a concern; if safety of America’s citizens on their streets was important, CNN would ask these questions:

  1. Which political Party has run the top-10 rat-infested, misery-laden U.S. cities?
  2. Do you condemn Antifa, and agree they must be designated a terror group?

Prediction: CNN will NOT ask those questions.

Continual self-destruction DEFINES insanity…

Democrats’ continual use of the Race-Card is the latest example of ‘doing the same thing over & over…and expecting different results’. But what else do they have?

They see the President’s black-American support climbing, yet every race-card they play is blowing back against them, because he’s on solid ground over their failures.

Hopefully, they won’t realize until after the 2020 election that he THRIVES on gutter-brawling with the Trump-deranged. Honest people respond to his positive message.

And THAT’S a Card your typical Democrat politician can’t play.