Don’t forget…this coup attempt started with Hillary’s whitewashing

Keep an eye on the ball…everything started as an attempt to get Hillary elected.

And despite disingenuous weasel-words like ‘intent’…that’s NOT part of the laws written to address felonious mishandling of classified data by government employees.

(As we noted previously, however, if ‘intent’ was a part of those statutes, it’s baffling how the very act of establishing a system to handle classified info isn’t seen as intentional.)

That said, partisanship aside…felonious, grossly negligent handling of data occurred.

Too late to saddle up another candidate, they did what they could to get her elected.

Comey’s actions since may be ‘mystifying’ to some, but how hard is it to believe every act he committed was driven by one motive…to obscure his role in partisan activities?

Getting her elected failed; getting President-elect Trump derailed failed; his only hope was to get (now) President Trump delegitimized, neutralized…or impeached.

And that failed. Now, all he has is bluster…and faith in deep-state cronies in the DOJ.

But this all started with a seriously flawed candidate committing felonious crimes.

The reason for all this subterfuge will be found in those ‘missing’ emails the NSA has.

Proof that intellectual dwarfism is alive & well in Hollywood

“Alyssa Milano: The key to beating Trump? Elect all of the Democratic candidates”

Wow. Truly a GIANT intellect…we would’ve never thought of that.

Seriously. Milano sees the Democrat presidential candidates as a ‘Dream Team’.

Let’s see, you got the old guy who can’t remember where he is day-to-day, the sleep-my-way-to-the-top black woman, Fauxcahontas, Andy ‘Give-Em-$$’, the gay guy who can’t keep his own town safe, & a Russkie-lovin’ socialist who hates…everything USA.

Dream team?

If you look up ‘mental midget’ in a Thesaurus, her photo’s probably there.

Don’t even want to speculate about her dreams.

NASCAR goes full-on anti-gun…do they know who their base is?

Hmmmmm…as reported at The Washington Free Beacon: “A pair of gun companies said this week that NASCAR rejected their rifle ads because of the racing company’s “gradual shift on guns.” Dark Storm Industries said an ad it submitted featuring one of the company’s AR-15s was rejected and online retailer K-Var Corp. said an ad featuring an AK-47 and 9mm handgun was also rejected. Both said a NASCAR advertising agency solicited ads from them for NASCAR publications. They submitted ads but were told NASCAR would not accept them.” 

‘Gradual shift on guns’?


They took beer, alcohol, and cigarette ads for YEARS…which individually contribute to more deaths than guns every year…and only stopped because of legislation banning it.

Lung cancer kills over 125,000 Americans annually.

Alcohol-related deaths…over 80,000 annually.

Remember? Winston-Cup racing, Budweiser Top Fuel…anyone…anyone?

Unlike cigarettes and alcohol, thousands of lives are saved by guns every year, and (even though #BlackLivesMatter may deny it) millions are protected daily by police…

…ARMED police.

NASCAR just took-a-knee on gun control…can’t believe it’s fan base will be too happy.

The disingenuous Fox team dodges objectivity obligations

President Trump recently tweeted a commentary on how Fox is letting down American viewers by not being properly objective, and hiring openly anti-GOP partisan hacks…

…and the Fox team deflects, claiming they don’t work for him. That’s not the point…they know it, but can’t defend the real issues he raised, so they smokescreen.

When a ‘news’ organization allows unchallenged (and false) comments, and hires flagrant partisans who demonstrably push false narratives, they let down their viewers.


Sorry, kid…fraudulent computer modeling ISN’T ‘science’

“Climate activist Greta Thunberg to Trump: ‘Listen to the science'”


Bogus computer modeling and fraudulent temperature tweaking is not science.

Open message to Greta: if they’ve got to use lies to make their case


Using kids to push a fraud is pathetic…it’s amazing how low the Green-invested heavyweights will go to push their global climate-industrial-complex agenda.

Why waste time over small stuff when bigger intel violations occurred?

Who cares what Comey did with self-authored memos to himself? Considering his ego it wouldn’t be surprising to learn they were all just overblown narcissistic fairytales.

Wasting time over trivialities when more serious crimes were committed would be a big blunder: fraudulent FISA apps, etc, indicate there are bigger issues to address here.

Comey was in the center of it, along with John Brennan, and at the top, Barack Obama.

Open message to AG Barr, re, investigations: F-A-S-T-E-R…PLEASE.

Bottom-line prediction: heads will roll, with BIG crimes leading the list of indictments.

How can they not? Let this sink in:

If an elected President can be unlawfully targeted by law enforcement and intelligence agency partisanship, what American feels safe in their homes from this point on?

Suggestion to Comey: better squirrel away all those book profits…your false-bravado talk is cheap, but the type of lawyers you’ll need soon are gonna be expensive.

If this isn’t ULTIMATE GALL, nothing is…

Today, 2 headlines DEFINE ultimate gall:

“DOJ inspector general: Comey ‘violated’ FBI rules” and then there’s this: “Comey Demands Apology Despite DOJ Watchdog Revealing He Violated FBI Policies”

Got that? Comey violated an FBI employee agreement and policy, but wants apologies.

On second thought, we’re not sure this is ultimate gall…or arrogance.

But, oh wait…then there’s this, at the Gateway Pundit: “Larry C. Johnson: Keep Your Powder Dry, Comey Is Not Out of the Woods Yet” Seems FISA violations are a little more egregious than privately written self-memos, and it’s hanging over his head.

Johnson notes “Jim Comey is stupidly taking a victory lap over this report and insisting that he is vindicated. I once considered Comey to be a smart person. Clearly he is not. He just pretends to be. His behavior today reveals an immaturity and hubris that confirms why he was fired in the first place as FBI Director.”

Which means, when you take into consideration the first two headlines, then add the third – we can run one more ‘ultimate’ descriptive by you, that of…stupidity.

Naming hurricanes should be scientific-based, not personal

Another hurricane, another group claiming name-bias for the hurricanes.

Why are we using people’s names for hurricanes?

A more effective manner of naming would be to use an alpha-numeric system that designates linear progression, hemisphere-specific, and dating: e.g., A*N-19 would be (A – the first hurricane) in the (N – northern hemisphere) during the (19 – 2019 cycle).

In an age where no-one wants to be gender-specific, why use personal names when a more logical, scientific nomenclature can be used to name hurricanes without offense?

Disgraced acting dir of FBI & Hillary have DEFINED the 2-tiered justice system in America

Justice (noun) “…the maintenance or administration of what is just by law…”

Nowhere does the two-tiered justice system get more empirically defined than in the case of Hillary Clinton-&-accomplices versus Donald Trump and his aides.

Two-tiered justice: When some are held accountable to the law, but others are not; as in not indicting Hillary-&-aides where there is solid evidence crimes WERE committed, but indicting Trump aides based on an investigation where there’s no underlying crime.

Andrew McCarthy points this out today: “Hillary Clinton checked every box for a violation of the Espionage Act…Mrs. Clinton’s unlawful storage and transmission of classified information had been patently willful. In contemptuous violation of government standards, which she was bound not only to honor but to enforce as secretary of state, she systematically conducted her government business by private email, via a laughably unsecure homebrew server set-up…Her Obama administration allies stress that it was not her purpose to harm national security, but that was beside the point. The crime was mishandling classified information…she committed it.” (bold, underline added here, and in paragraph excerpts below) 

(And no, ‘intent’ is not noted, or a driver, in the relevant statutes involved…but even if it were, the very act of setting up a private server system DEMONSTRATES intent.)

Yet, Obama’s Justice Dept. refused to charge her, or her aides. (More on that below)

Then, there’s former acting FBI dir. Andrew McCabe: “McCabe is feeling the heat because the evidence that he made false statements is daunting. So daunting, in fact, that even he concedes he did not tell the truth to investigators.” 

But, where Hillary is happy to duck-&-cover, hoping the smoke blows over, McCabe has decided to take it to a whole new level: “McCabe is suing the government for wrongful termination, arguing that he was fired due to a political vendetta carried on by President Trump.” But, McCarthy notes: “…it is an audacious strategy on McCabe’s part to (a) ask the Justice Department to exercise clemency by declining to charge an eminently prosecutable false-statements case against him, while (b) simultaneously hauling the Justice Department into court on an accusation of bad faith in a case in which McCabe leaked and then provided explanations that weren’t true.” 

So, one investigation revealed REAL evidence of a crime…but no indictments; the other investigation revealed NO crime…yet indictments resulted. Two-tiered? You Bet.

And no one benefited more from this two-tiered justice than Hillary and Obama.

Both were using private unsecured email systems. Hillary and aides willfully destroyed subpoenaed emails. One wonders why anyone would so brazenly commit that act, but context may provide the answer: “The destruction of the emails, moreover, occurred after a House Committee investigating the Benghazi massacre issued subpoenas and preservation directives to Clinton’s State Department and Clinton herself.”

What would justify such a clear, undeniable act of deliberate evidence destruction?

If, in fact, then-Sec’y of State Clinton and then-Pres Obama had unsecurely emailed classified data that revealed arms handling around Benghazi, and those emails had been hacked, prompting Benghazi attacks and American deaths as the result…it would have been a political death knell for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

McCabe can be dealt with swiftly; asking for good-will leniency while suing for bad-faith termination is a losing proposition…but he’s a bit player in a larger scheme. Hillary-&-co., on the other hand, is a different proposition desperately in need of resolution.

Thankfully, there’s a one-acronym solution: N-S-A.

Hillary’s toadies with Bleachbit may have wiped her servers, but the NSA has EVERY email sent over the years in a massive database…and Pres. Trump is its boss.

Americans deserve to know the truth, on Benghazi as well as the 2016 chicanery.

Anything less leads to even greater mistrust of government.

Is it to be EQUAL justice under the law…or 2-tiered justice, based on political Party?

Political expedience should not define what is ‘Just, by law’…should it?

Your move, Mr. President.